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  1. I saw many good suggestion out there, why dont we start some suggestion contest ? 👺
  2. Great, that will do. Thanks mate
  3. Can u pls tell me how this could've happenned? I never lost mcoin before
  4. Please check ticket under name Ekashin Eu Emerald. i lost all my mcoin today idk why, im not usualy someone who pest around to get fast response but i need that mcoin to buy gladiator elixir now to start next season arena :/
  5. Doesnt look like an error, i mean well ur hair go through ur cape/clothes is not an error :/
  6. When will you guys fix this appearance issue on every costume? I've sent ticket and devs said that they are aware of the issue, yet they didnt fix it since like 2014
  7. Not really a solution xd
  8. Yes and i mean they should fix it on all costumes... Its been around for so long that i think the developer might find it hard to solve it or they're just being lazy... Well either way i need my answer. Or maybe i should send a ticket?
  9. Hello this has been around many years, is it really imposible to fix this appearance problem?? Its seriously bothering 🙂
  10. Theres no point in having this...
  11. Who care about reseller? Xd i made 200k a week by reselling 🤣🤣 if you not care about them then you already fail to understand the price change and everything i already said up there... many ppl here understand what i said xd try open up a lil bit . As i said i already felt it happened back in 2014 when atlantica gold value went down 10000% just beware xd
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