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  1. Look at that player name! LoL same my name
  2. Fair action for what? I didn't do anything even if I did something.he dont have to reply like im his slave or cus he's a mod he attack me!
  3. Nope As a member I can report any mod if he attacked me
  4. Yup after all some kids used to be mod to ban others for personal reason! I got muted for 3 days for rascit .thats true but after that I got another 3 days of ban and there no reason(even my ban reason was set as none).i thought ronald banned me ( check my ban long) and yesterday I got banned for no reason and the mod talked with me with bad way ( and I thought mods are happy people with Huge smile on there faces and say happy every 5 seconds) and he even tried to deleted the conversation but I got some of it! like you see this quote by the mod before he deletes it :) just take a moment reading it .look how he attacks me and I didn't answer this quote but after 4 hours I got permanent ban .while I was checking some post it just told me you permanent banned thats mean I got banned for no reason. And the last what I want to say.i think lallouss Is enought to be traven mod . Even the russian fourm have 1 mod on traven
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