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  1. My language is not English, please forgive me for spelling The enhanced system has existed for a long time. Can we consider adding a new system to it. Added attributes are not enhanced much. However, there are more levels. The equipment will not disappear due to the failure of strengthening. Failure of reinforcement increases the probability of successful reinforcement.For example, increase the success rate of strengthening after the failure of strengthening?In order to gradually achieve 100% enhancement Specifically, certain materials are required for each strengthening.If you "strengthen" the success level, increase it by one level. If you fail, increase your progress by 5% or some other amount.the strengthening will be successful when the progress reaches 100% Materials come from boss, dungeon, daily tasks and activities Of course, these materials can also be used for trading Why do we want these materials to come from daily tasks and boss? Because we can quickly reach + 8 or + 10 by recharging the enhanced system. So I hope this system is a system that allows players to spend more energy and time to complete.And because some players may not have so much time, they can purchase materials from other players for reinforcement through gold coins This is the general idea
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