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  1. thanks!!! might want to consider this if ever i decided to play the game again^^
  2. 24th

    Favourite movies

    Final FAntasy VII: Advent Children.. and i meant the COMPLETE version not the american released one.. lmao XD
  3. hmm. might want to try the games you posted^^ but THIS is probably the only other online game i played aside from WS and Ro..^^ Happy New Year. Cheerss people!
  4. yung totoo... nauupdate pa ba eto?? hahahaha miss you warsphil!
  5. bat hindi ako maka connect! XD
  6. xD 【高音質】 NO, Thank You! / 放課後ティータイム 【Full ver】
  7. pahingi po ng updated ng guild natin :)
  8. dunno why but im listening to this. Lmao
  9. if it had bonus stats i would've strive to get one but nooooo. They're just like other costumes that hide your nakedness while questing in swamps nehehe (ofc that applies to players who wanders armorless around there gihihi) but more or less it is not worth the pay. Hate me for this but thats what i think. peace yo! XD \m/ Btw. I like the caster too. :3
  10. o.o ladygiiii. i got bored with dq's and strolled around swamps. I fast levelled from 16-18 thanks to your guide. Hands down hands down to ya. :D
  11. 24th

    smiles in the game chat

    Now i wont get bored with :) :D :( :P :[ coz i know a whole lot more thanks to you. XD
  12. inaantok pa ko. XD padaan gudmorning warsphil
  13. there ya go! Congrats to th winners :D Tenenenenenen! Galing :D
  14. ou nga po eh. Hndi q nga dn alam kng my ksma p q s group q hahaha :D
  15. Then well stop minding the stats from here forward :D haha
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