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  1. hello guyz. wazzup?.. anybody playing coc?> visit me @ warsphil. hehe. miz yah
  2. oist uzta? ung mga nabore n sa ws. coc na. hehe same guild name
  4. yeh... right.. anyway.. its up to the judges.. :good:
  5. yow. uztamos?.. please support momo. https://www.facebook.com/warspear/photos/a.694341687268157.1073741835.136652359703762/694341860601473/?type=3&theater
  6. can be a cheat? :diablo: ... suspicious accounts huh!.// please check
  7. parang c whip lang:D.. mamaw niel
  8. MERRY XMAS EVERYONE.. MAY REGALO DAW MIKE :lol: :drinks: :drinks:
  9. sorry for that ill talk to my team mates
  10. ok pshout nlng .. check mo ung nsa list na leaders
  11. k pm mo nlng kmi s game . shout k lang ;D Warsphil Guild 1 leader - Mikesarah/mikearah/mikethexxe/lxrhianxl/ Guild 2 leader - Kuyapopoy Guild 3 leader-Vensoy/kervince/venxoy/pinaypay/kervdruid/bees/ligwan heir - Nhyneja/nynkantada/nhyne/dhiwata/mariaclara Guild 4 leader - Zroen heir - smileko or nymphp Guild 5 leader - Klaha/klahadon/klahadyn/
  12. help! a close friend of mine had recently transacted a friend ( pretending to be good for weeks already. a wolf in sheep's clothing). He borrowed items but did not return it. this items worth 500k+gold +10 staff lvl13 and +6 staff lvl12 his chars: ISkyszenel ISkylordl SKYQUEEN HNV Hope you will take actions on this. please.. we cant afford to lose a friend because of this incident whos time and money spend in this game. hope the above names will be banned cp and accounts. yes we all commit mistakes . hope you will not just say its all the fault of the person who let the items borrowed. but we need justice for the victims. :cray: :cray: :cray:
  13. wish i can big bro :wacko: . my bro i think found a new game also and soon retire :( . he is asking if anybody wants to buy his chars :D woi they are not filipinos.. lol. except kervince & shyleen . di ka nila maiintindihan. :wacko:
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