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  1. Im like 8k against healers
  2. A rouge named keizy or something got the costume on mc side, US. Its was purchased by elvanator, shaman, and he still wears it today.
  3. Ummm, by any chance, can I try a pvp with you, cuz I don't think I ever really have done so recently
  4. well, buying sign sets is the by far most effective way, I suggest you wait untill they are half off, but if you don't want to spend real life money you can farm easy farming bosses, these depend on what faction your in, or tougher bosses, like in lab. If you want to make real money, farm the later lab bosses for they drop the really good stuff.
  5. I opened the chest and got infinityinfinity dollars
  6. soooo.... is this offering help or showing everyone hoe rich ur lvl 6 is?
  7. They're not forcing you to buy those chests, :facepalm: don't make such a big deal, make money to get what you want in other ways instead of complaining that u lost in a gamble.
  8. Keeps making noob elf account and spamming me on a massive scale, made like 5 or somthing :fool:
  9. Rokzz keeps spamming me cuz he Thinks hes a "super pro" :pleasantry: cuz he pots, runs, screen hides, and brings help. He once cried to me for a truce and breaks it to pretend to be a badass. :fool: When in he came to me with another shaman, need a pot and still almost died. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Few time he does kill me he uses other mc with the ads in ashlarkah, and still runs and hides. He knows hes noob with the lowest defense of any player in warspear. :tease: :tease: :tease: and btw, he spamming me as I write this, im not even gonna read it cuz I know its all bullshit ;D ;D . Rokzz = weak ass shaman, delete urself if ur reading this, its the only way you can have any honor, and ur deleted shaman will be better than ur current one :clapping: :good: :clapping: :good:
  10. Im not a hater @}-, I only hate a select few. Being said, u still may hate me :bad:
  11. Ty your input By population I meant overall, is the overall population more than US, and are there more elf and mc separately than US. Imma make one anyway lol.
  12. as in US scams the least? ummm, ok, that covers moral, what about proness, population, and wealth?
  13. I just killed at armor cliff and hour ago, lol
  14. Lot of gankers, runners, and potters? nty :bad: What about eu for the most part?
  15. Where does US Sapphire server stand in terms of : Population, pro-ness, wealth, prices, and overall moral of the player in comparison to the servers of EU,SA, and RU? I was thinking of making a new character in one of those, most likely EU, so I can get the experiance of multiple servers. I already know that US economy sucks total ass, kinda resembles that of the real US economy :bad:
  16. Barb, Warlock, Bd, and druid all can do it. If you are being attacked and cant hit back, log off and log right back on, then u can fight back.
  17. The tavern is not for warspear discussion
  18. LG Double Play Good, but heats up and if you leave it for 15 or so seconds it glitches up and you have to touch the screen to get it working again.
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