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  1. You have got to be ducking kidding me.... God damn deep throating, lazy ass, excuse making devs. This is the second time this has happened to us.... last time u gave us some shitty ass 10x pumpkin chests that ducking failed along with the same shitty ass dictator costume we already had. You guys should ban yourselves, cuzz warspear devs = biggest scammers
  2. Daaaannnnng... you vortex members are too pro for weak noob slag like me :cray:
  3. Ladies ladies, there's enough of jenny quakez to go around :blush: :give_rose:
  4. Stay positive dmo the proof is there, the devs have to retrieve your profile... I've seen them recover profiles with less proof than that :good: have faith my friend, and btw we are not done training... many more mcs to destroy >:D :bomb: :give_rose:
  5. Wow that b.s... i hope u get ur char back, but devs won't do sh**
  6. I'm staying on elf side for now... Il help when tourney comes
  7. Looks like I'm not welcome anymore even tho all I try and do is help :cray: I still love u guys, pm me if u need me... I'm always down to terrorize noobs >:D gl tex :give_rose: love u
  8. Pummy I'm comming for u :blush:
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