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  1. There you go :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: scammers are getting banned once for all :clapping:
  2. About 2 hours ago, i discovered that it was a scam. And yes, it was xlaurax, and i found it weird because i had one of those bows before the trade, but well, my bad, gotta be more careful. Thanks for the help, and watch out for scammers. Never trust anyone.
  3. Okay thanks Alucard! (: I guess i will have to forget about it, though it is a pity the 800 mcoin thing. Maleshaman, i dont know what on duck's name is up with you. Dont you have better things than commenting on a noob's post and making fun of it? I'm sure you were pro when you started the game. And no, i will never ask anything for free, its just dumb. Regards, Kloster.
  4. Ok, dont trust, if devs have a miracle coin payment history, they will see... As i acquired like 800 mcoins within 10 minutes to buy that bow. Anyways, you are not dev, admin, gm or whatever, so i dont need to listen to you ;D
  5. Hello admin. Yesterday i traded a bow (Longbow +5, to be specific) and like, erm, lets say, 5 minutes later, it wasnt in my inv anymore. Why did that happen? I didnt drop it or so, neither tried amping it (im not that fool :crazy: ) Can you please help me? Regards, Kloster. PD: Sorry for my english, im Argentinian
  6. Ok thanks ;) Should i get lv 5 arena equips for resi? Or should i just amp the starter set? (no arena daggers, thou)
  7. I want to se you 1v1 with unknown or rednek :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Ok i have seen you in many of Unknowshot posts, and i can say, that you are a total asshole, go play ur 18s, knowing a lvl 6 can rape all your characters together
  9. Hello erryone :blush: Im kinda new to this comunity of Warspear Online, I started like (2 weeks? :lol: ) ago and, i can tell you, i know a lot of things about the game (not everything ofc) and i have recently seen that Arenas lv 6 are kinda popular now, so i decided to make a Rogue for myself. So then, my question is: which is the best skilloset and equips for that lvl? Are rogues nice? What other classes are strong / op in arenas ? Thanks for reading and hope you can answer ;D
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