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  1. my shaman was.recently hacked by a player who asked for my email only no password. as he promised me m coin. Now be carefull that you don't disclose your any detail to anyone. I pray I get back my account. Good game to ypu all
  2. achan

    game hacked

    if this i cannot recover back my account then let me know. I awaits your reply asap. do mail me the reply
  3. achan

    game hacked

    please kindly do something about my character which is hacked recently 1 min back. I was suppose to buy m.coin from another player and I gave he the login details (password was not given). and I want it back.
  4. good . . . . ; please solve the log in problem
  5. what is wrong with the server? un its down :aggressive:
  6. can you tell me how does mage new skill really works? it only time warp once after every 9-10 normal hits :wacko: which is kindda not very cool. Though it in level 1 O:-) so wanna know about theat new expert skill at level 3 or 4.
  7. :wacko: my mage does 82 damage with expert skill +7 night prince staff
  8. :tease: look.your vote count :search:
  9. Easier to.earn.gold.mean you have more gold.which also means hike in price of other items like signs, unity pot, weapons etc .. :facepalm: think it realisticly.
  10. Well.I like.cooldown.buff and if you have it, you can always sell it to me.real.cheap. price O:-) And I can show you the meaning being a caster :rofl:
  11. :aggressive: wish ranger can also.go.stealt mode.and.remove dodge skill.
  12. ;D lmao... Becarefull next time befor you spent you $$$
  13. Heard that new equipment is gonna be introduced is it true?
  14. This.post is not helping how long the update will take :sorry:
  15. I have set of defenders rune and crystal which I cannot put it in market to sell it and trade it through exchange please help I am using Lemon aspire a3 android 4.01 (ics) and 3.13 version of warspear. Thank you.
  16. Would.be.nice.if.we.could.choose.costume.from.the past
  17. :facepalm: it is illegal.to sell character in game and :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: you dare post this on forumn :facepalm: please someone help.this person :cray: r.I.p
  18. achan

    Blazing Ground

    I use both blazing ground and fire ball in lab and dungeon there is nothing harm in doing that. Chail always there to get me away from mobs. Also blazing ground work like awsome.in heroic dungeon
  19. Okay.thanks for the tip.but I think the skill.is.not very reliable I think Because the fear chance.is seriously low. Like 1ce in 20 cast :facepalm:
  20. because top 1 guilds wont want their "enemies" to have the best in game gear, since they can be the only ones owning it. am i right on the thoughts? might as well just make the game pay to play, put an warning in download page - do not want non paying players here. :pleasantry: Well.said.
  21. :facepalm: at last cake fall is out. :give_rose: thanks for the wonderfull event where I oppened 20 set chest and didn't get no costumes or anything worth buying them.
  22. I use fruits phone 1 apple i5 and lemon aspire a3 Wors fine on the apple phone bu in lemon aspire a3 there is crossing problem and the delay time is about 0.5-1secc its much slower than personal computer so I wish something could be done about this delay time on phones.
  23. What's the point? To this topic?
  24. How long will be the maintenence today. Please replu.
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