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  1. I wonder if u can make this chronicle as an update for your "Story of Warspear" apps. It's a very good comical story, n I'd like to see it being updated with this chronicle.
  2. she will look like female titan in Attack on Titan anime, naked but just a plain body. well but maybe ill try to reconsider about her otfit.
  3. she wears no outfit, she's naked lol, not trying to be pervert, but everyone make monsters with awesome armors or outfit, just trying to be different. and about mask, good idea, ill try to make her at least use something to cover up her head, but if i cant find good mask, ill just leave her like that.
  4. Azrina actually was the wife of King Orin. Derived from the Chosen race, Haraad creation. Before getting married, she was a great magician, and at the same time, hunger for power and strength, that's why she want to be a queen. After becoming queen, hungry for more power, Azrina seduce Orin to make a journey for the sake of greater strength. After finding out that Orin met with Garaan, and turned into the first forsaken, Azrina decided to make it as a state to gain strength and more power. Therefore, along with her husband, Orin, Azrina become one of the greatest soldiers who fought in the Gre
  5. I tried to make a new elf char in 2 ways : 1. I tried to make a new elf in my account that already have elf char on it in US server, so if I make a new one in US server too, there's no problem in making it. I don't even need to try spamming "create" button. 2. I tried to make a new elf in totally new account, with blank slot of chars. Tried several times, n still, cant even create a single elf char in US server. They allow u to make a new elf, only if u already have an elf char in ur account. Devs already said it in 4.10 update.
  6. Yes good idea, but devs need to make something like "pvp license" to make u can invite someone for pvp, n that item price will be as high as chaos pot. Just saying, that's how this game works.
  7. I just wonder if they can make it as magic power for caster, not physical dmg. Casters didnt need to punch actually, they swing their staffs. That's why they dont need physical damage (unless u want to pvp naked). Having 24 physical dmg which I cant use on any situation is just, useless.
  8. Nice idea. But for example, elfs taken t5 mc, n they have to guard it, but in the other side, mcs need to take their t5 back again before they can attack t5 elf.
  9. Hi devs. Sooo, there's one thing that grind my gears : I have lv24 druid with 24 physical damage, which is.. useless.. Yea, we already know that everytime we level up, we'll get +1 damage on our status automatically. Physical Damage. Which is, USELESS for every caster class in this game. All I want to suggest is : 1. Please re-adjust this +1 dmg based on each class in this game. Physical damagers get +1 physical dmg on every level up, n casters get +1 magic power. 2. Or, just give us an option on which status do we want to upgrade with that +1 bonus, magic or physical. This opt
  10. where all mcs in first n second war ? when elf tried really hard to get to ur t5, n cannot even take 50k of ur flag hp ? As long as i can remember, there's a lot of mcs that time.
  11. he already has an elf char. Idk exactly, "maybe" he's problem is he cannot use his elf char to log in (not make a new char) in his device, but he can log in normally if he's using another device/tablet.
  12. They made it 0-1 for once, and 0-0 most of d time, it shows that they had some chance. Idk why they're giving up after war with 3days buff bonus n didnt try harder instead. Well, but I'm not even mad, their choice = our advantage.
  13. Agreed, this game need more publication. Pocket legend has a tv commercial, itll be nice to see if WS have one too. And, promotion video at site is way toooo outdated.
  14. Actually, both side are getting bored with this war. Especially when our score is always 0-0. N u know what makes it boring ? Ur "all block n only rogs go attack" strategy. We, elves, start to get excited again when devs said that the buff will last for 3days, we scored 3-0 twice (cuz devs failed to make it 3 days buff at 1st attempt) n idk why u guys just let us win easily after that. 5mins is ridiculous, we dont even need to regroup after captured 1 town. But it's ok if u said that mcs will giving up on this, 1 day dmg+resi buff is gud enough for dg n farming
  15. Improvement : 1. It's the same thing. N I think it's not good idea when i spam 1 set scroll for 100mins n suddenly get killed after 1mins. 2. Good enough, but rich ppl will have too much advantage on this. I imagine some ppl will have full bonus icon below their status bar. Suggestion : 1. Well, idk about this one. Its kinda.. well, if such pot is exist, it must be expensive, n whats d point of having a doubled amount of gold if u have to pay for it first. N d duration is 1h ? Its ok if its 12h 2. Couldnt agree more on this one. N what about make us having more luck in amping too ?
  16. So if I use priest n tap twice on shield skill, ill get my self shielded automatically ? Well, sounds good. But I think devs should make an on/off button for that (like pro.filter or double tap on action), u know, just to avoid an accidental tap.
  17. Hi fellow Indonesian on android the price goes up to 12%. 10% is tax n 2% is smthing like administration fee. Im using Indosat btw, idk why it goes up to 20% on ur WP, thought it should be the same as android.
  18. 3-0 for sapphire's sentinel in less than 10mins. Aw.
  19. Easter means Easter, thats it. And what d heck is wrong wit that ? Religion issue ? Beside, if ur looking for "there no such thing in this game", then u really have to complain about almost every costume name in this game.
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