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  1. Why my elf char cant in to games but char mc can. Hiks. If i play other tablet can in char elf
  2. Gm please help me why my char elf cant in to game. But my char can
  3. dont trust gm he scammer to hhhh scammer got scamme
  4. when update sistem craft :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol: :dirol:
  5. gm when update symbian os, because many my friends play with os symbian thanks please u answer :good:
  6. gm please block painshot ranger lv 20 he scamm account oneheart bd lv 20, please block bolt thanks
  7. gm please block acc langit barb lv 20 mc, he scamm my gold 150k plese proses. Because many ppl got scam thanks
  8. yes, banned please he scammer ppl plis proses. Block acc n ip. thanks
  9. block plissss I hate scammer thanks
  10. yes cant log in very very long time
  11. same i got scamm many ppl got scamm Im 5set sign he want pay 140k, n he cancel 1-5 exchange N next exchange he put 14k, i hate scamm All post at suport tecnical key Maybe gm proses n block hes acc Thanks
  12. can proses or no because many ppl have scam
  13. help me im got scam, Nick arrowmast archer lv 15 scam me 5 set sign, i sell 5set sign 140k he pay 14k Plisss block acc
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