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    TINY Bag

    @mioco/kuzmitch no response about this? me and the other new player are dont like this TINY bag, or you on purpose doing this so we can buy extra 5 slot price 199 coin ? :facepalm: its so expensive u know, and only extra 5 slots :facepalm: this game is getting worst and worst :facepalm:
  2. people who used a potion while they're fighting is a coward, "king of money" :facepalm: but if people didnt used a potion while they're fighting, they're a stupid guy, because they're letting themself die easily 8) there's no difference between using pot or not 8)
  3. dege19


    lol chronoz still killing elves without reason :facepalm: that's why i left sapphire server and moved to emerald server the elves know that i am chronoz's friends, so they hunt me too lol chronoz :lol:
  4. dege19

    TINY Bag

    yeah i already did that quest, and it just gave me 5 extra slots to my bag, leaving 15 slots in my bag thats very TINY :facepalm:
  5. dege19

    TINY Bag

    devs, i made a new char in EU-Emerald using Firstborn when i just started the game until lvl 3, i realize that only 15 slots in my bag :shok: is it a bug ? or not? if its not a bug, then what we new player do when we high lvl ? and do daily collecting stuff? its mean you FORCED us to buy extra slot for bag, i'm really disappointed i keep selling my things to clear up the slot :facepalm: great :facepalm:
  6. yep, thats true, in my country the price of 120 coin is getting more expensive, and the price of the premium item is expensive :facepalm:
  7. anybody if u want to buy or sell equipment/weapon for blade dancer, just write it here, maybe somebody who want to buy your items will see this post.. and if u can to add the screenshot of the equipment you want to buy/ sell, that will be helpful as for me, i want to buy acute gladius/acute dirk if someone have this, please write in this post or pm me ingame, my name is Tenity EU-Emerald server firstborn
  8. yep, thats true, he's a new noob ingame for me, i wont attack mc unless they attack me first :pleasantry:
  9. that's nice, so we not getting bored by just doing daily quest and cc quest lol :facepalm: :lol: if they're event in emerald, i totally gonna join :good:
  10. lol, indonesiak and strob is my friend in game i dont know if they're like that, especially strob so calm while playing with me, but the real is, he demon :diablo: i dont expect that lol :facepalm: :lol:
  11. hy devs, just now i buy miracle coin via sms method for indonesia but when i sent the sms, no reply come, and no coin in.. can give me the solution ?
  12. yep, thats true if we use shield ,we are not blade dancer lol ;D
  13. before the update i have 12% parry, but now after update i have 9.2%, and that is a lvl 5 parry so thats mean we must buy runes for increase our parry, but the premium items is getting more expensive great :facepalm:
  14. before the update i have 12% parry, but now after update, i only have 9.2% what the hell is happened here? the premium items is way too expensive, i cant buy some of premium item because its getting more expensive :facepalm: and the barber set, its cost 300 mc (correct me if i'm wrong), but the effect is only to change your hair appearance what the hell ? :shok:
  15. what type of phone do u use ? just click the envelope symbol in right side ..
  16. oooh i see.. thanks for the info guys :friends:
  17. dege19

    HELLO! :)

    thanks Quiteso man :friends:
  18. dege19

    HELLO! :)

    Hello guys,, :friends: i'm a new player in emerald, my ingame name is Tenity = Blade Dancer nice to meet u all ;D
  19. what quest do we have to do for get that staff ? because i play using shaman too, and i want to have that staff ;D
  20. hey guys, it's me Sparks play as MC barbarian ;D lately, i got some quest at nadir sard, and i went to do my quests, when i saw a bunch of elves running around.. and when i was trying to do my quests, the elves always kill me over and over :cray: here's my opinion, i know that FB and MC are enemy, but listen.. isn't nadir sard is a neutral area where the FB and MC use to do their quest ?? so, why did you kill MC or Fb ppl that trying to do their quests?? i wont attack/kill elves, i love peace ya know 8) thats all that i want to talk about, please understand ;D peace, Sparks :pleasantry:
  21. dege19

    Re: hey

    @haohmaru where do u play now ?? now i play at emerald using firstborn hope to see u there
  22. try to go to the green wolf .. goonar the name hope you'll find it ;D
  23. @Haohmaru what's your nick at sapphire server ? i played using mountain clans .. my nick is Gaps and Charms cant wait to see you :friends:
  24. @haohmaru ok, i cant wait to see you there :friends:
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