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  1. Not trying to kiss ass or anything, but these are some of the bests devs I have ever seen. They reply to problems and support very quickly, they listen to suggestions by the community, and they patch and update the game frequently. You could not ask for better devs. Honestly I think they do a great job, raging on a forum about your personal problems doesn't seem like a good idea to me... :facepalm:
  2. Oh, this looks fun! Is it ok to have a friend help in real life? I can do something amazing with a friend, maybe. I recently convinced him to play Warspear though!
  3. Oh, ok. Thank you for the info. Is the green cane sold there too?
  4. Hello all! I was wondering where you get the green cane for Shamans? I know that on Irselnort the first several towns only sell you Twisted Baton, which is the red one. I have seen many people walking around with the green one, but I don't know what it's called. I tried asking those people where they got it but some have told me through a quest, others have told me in a shop, but no one has told me specifically where/how to get it. Can anyone here tell me where to get this green cane? I also wanted to know what town sells the Berengar gear, I was told that it was the best set to get. I want to get the best armor and equips for Shaman, but I'm not sure what set is best. Is Berengar the best available, and if so, where can I buy it? I know it drops as loot from bosses, but I would rather buy it...hehehe.
  5. You don't need an email to recover your account. I had the same problem, where I had the number but did not remember what the number was. You can send them an email asking them to recover your account, and they will reply asking you questions about the account to prove it's your account. Things like your character names, gold amount, location, etc. It took like a week to finally get my account back, but it was a simple and easy process. So yeah, you don't need to have an email attached to your account. Just tell them you forgot your login information.
  6. We can write to support team to help us with Miracle Coins? I submitted my phone at the beggining for the free Coins and haven't gotten anything yet. I also bought 220 Coins through sms and haven't gotten them yet.
  7. I have had this same problem but I was waiting to see what the Mods would say. So far I haven't gotten any news about this, so I'm starting to worry I won't get my 220 Miracle Coins... :unknw:
  8. I understand where you're coming from, but I think one of the unique things about Warspear is how we level up. I don't think they should change how we level up, but I do think that the level requirments for armor and items is a little silly. It makes the game a little more annoying then it should be... :P
  9. The runes/crystals are not going to make any game-breaking stat changes... I don't think. They are just a convinient buy to encourage players to pay I suppose. Either way, as Mioco mentioned - any non paying player can find the same runes and crystals anyways through loot. So technically, there is no disadvantage. Besides, the real reason people should be buying miracle coins is as appreciation to the devs, not greedy power hustling maniacs. The repair scrolls are my favorite :3
  10. I like this idea actually. I play on US-Sapphire too, and sometimes it can be hard to find a good group, if you are looking for a good group though, we'd be happy to invite you! We are always looking for people to help us, and people who need help.
  11. Hi there! I can help you out with the Druid if you need. Will you be on tomorrow? I can use my Rogue Granados.
  12. For account recoveries you need to send a report using the main website, www.warspear-online.com from there go to the support tab and fill out the application. You will have to be patient though, as it takes them several days to recover accounts.
  13. I fourth this opinion. No, but seriously...Large parties are fun. The more the merrier! Let's gi back to 8, or better yet double it to ten hahaha.
  14. I was more concerned about the way the gear looked. I prefer the old Gaurdian armor when it was black. Also agree with the crystals/runes. Needs to be tweaked a little.
  15. Actually I really do think the magic bar needs to regene faster. I guess even if you added food that would help. I really do want to know though, why is repairing so much more expensive now? It also seems like the condition of items wears down so much. It is really making a dent in my pocket, so much gold I have to spend... :(
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