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  1. We will be there.. Same time as always?
  2. Cool we raped them all! Good work!
  3. I play on wifi without any problems on my nokia. If i gud remember search in app menager, find warspear there n there should be some default connection options, also setting where u can change app to ask u which connection u want to use while starting the game.
  4. Tomorrow. And most probably at 18:00 gmt 4.
  5. Oh damn. yea gmt 4.. My mistake, writed too fast.. Most important question ist in which day we will meet? Today or tommorow? Edit: Awwww said we begin hunt tomorrow. All guy who need to rape berengar be there!
  6. 18:00 gmt+4(rus time) is gud for me too. We need every ppl we can get that why we quicky must set hour n day perfect for every1.
  7. R3van

    Weakness of Rogue

    Rogue isnt that bad at all, when u get new gear. Fast killers. When we get new skills we will be very strong. I think that game should be more balanced, rogue Ropue should easy rape druid but has weakest than barb. Druid rape barb n lose to rogue. And barb rape rogue but lose to druid. We should be more immune to magic, n had lower norm def. Its just my opinion.
  8. @up nope, 17:00 gmt+0. 18:00 rus time? That mean 16:00 at gmt+0? When that meeting? Tomorrow? I will be busy whole day today, cnt log in early.. Better do it at saturday.
  9. Saturday 17:00. Agree! Repember that on friday not everyone can come, many ppl working or go to school. Saturday is free day, perfect to rape berengar. @komodo what gmt u are?
  10. Friend list yea. But we also need "who is online" list. Should be helpful.
  11. Lold. U talk about goblins in maze? They are crazy, there is too many of them, they nearly got me too yesterday. I run away with 0hp. Better to run through mobs naked.
  12. I agree! I spend around 1k or more for repairs everyday.. Sometimes i dnt even have gold to repair everything, and i must loot naked lol. Yea stupid maze is money drainer.. Or maybe just increase value of loot at 2nd island. On 1 we got alot of gold from mobs, on 2nd value badly go down, most mobs drop 1g n 4g. @Marcin we all was rich when we leave 1st island.. Now everyone are poor lol
  13. We need bows! Btw i changed my mind, we actually isnt that weak at all, strongest that sword n ranger from elf faction at 1vs1. About that accuracy sk, i have max lvl of that skill n all mobs hit u all the time without any miss anyway. Lol
  14. That minihemp is weird guy also.. I never saw a situation where he pass near us without atk (same as sequaa).. He is proud that he is druid n deal crazy dmg? Cool, but imo that guy need to be raped by us.. I hate that guy..
  15. Are u crazy? Its one year of hardcore looting. I prefer to loot at boss n get that damn 5% chances to get loot there. xD
  16. Relax why u start insulting? Most probably that was accident we atk only elfs who start to atk us. (sequaa n his team, who cant pass us without war)
  17. Lol its complex. Maybe i will understand that when i get any item set, n test it by myself. (that mean never xD)
  18. Yea, but using a pot in 1vs1 fight isnt fair.
  19. Cool idea. We are still weak at mc, coz we dnt get best gears.. But why not, we can try. We play everyday, we will meet u sooner or later.
  20. I got that bug with not working buttons pretty often. And i know when that happen. If u go to antother location with opened any window and try to close (or do other action with soft keys) that windows while loading of the new loc buttons get freeze.. If u dnt understand what i said sorry, its hard to explain.
  21. Remember that not only Azebu can understand this n i can translate it to rest of ppl here. :P Anyway i agree to sulla idea, gold for quests goes up but rep didnt? oh crap.. even if we end all quests available in island we need to end alot of daily quests now to get rank... Its isnt that easy like in elfs proff. doh..
  22. R3van

    new skill

    New skills are still under development.
  23. @inferius But Siwers is rank 5. @we_end Oh tq for the tip, i will change gear when i get enough money. Everything always gone to repairs lol.
  24. 35000rep? Isnt that little hardcore? I have problems to get 1000 lol
  25. Maybe he was proud he get rank 5 n can hit us from behind.. Anyway we punishd him few times, but he still back for more.. Whats wrong with him? Weird ppl.
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