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  1. APROVED ! :give_rose: :dirol: :diablo:
  2. I will make a Rogue when i will return :)) Hi to all
  3. @Mioco , look logs "DataTable::GetData(): cannot get data for data_id=0 ERROR" @Farueth? All good now? Check in you droid in C:/data or other drives , just enter whit you file manager or instal file xplore is there is a droid version of this app and go setting select show all rom and hidden files. But i dont think that on droid files are hidden. Just let me know if you still have problems. Edit : Doing some research i noticed that the warspear.apk it instals different. So you dont have any data folder in C: or other drive. Its more like a jar file instalation. You have paypall payment on droid lol :) . Tell me more info please
  4. you are playing from pc or mobile?
  5. lol i need to buy pots and new set , weapon ,runes cristals ,costume . Etc etc there is allways a way to spend money ;)
  6. Add me too ! I suggest to wait maybe they will fix whit the next update and make party members back to 8 !
  7. all those who make harm to helpless people
  8. yea...give us your gold if you dont want it! I need gold !
  9. Stop it guys its pointless... Hateing each others dosnt bring anything good .
  10. plagu3

    Pets for all

    ahahahahaha you are so funny guys :D
  11. Its annoying to be killed when doing quests especialy when you are on other side of the map in mc side....tough ..its my oppinion. No one its constrained to follow this. Its not fun when you die :)) just saying :D
  12. Honestly? You are right. They are good devs,admins.mods etc. Better than ones from aoho or other mmo. And they are trying the best. Im sure they are not many in the dev team right kuz? Its mioco you and maybe other 2 ppl. I think they are stressed too and trying to solve everying ASAP. Regards Plague
  13. Hello to everyone of both clans. So i decided to make this topic atleast arena fully working. From now one we will make the Nadir Shaard Arena a pvp meeting place. All of you who want to fight you will find me and the rest of us there. Like this we will not kill each other on quests. If no one's rhere just wait if you want to pvp. Someone will come to fight you for sure. Still no points but is better than killing each other on quests. So i wish you all Happy Killing and be like the best clan rule the Arena! Too bad that we cant speak to each others,so we cant make 1v1 , but we will find a way. If you want to challenge someone post here your party or who wants to pvp. Kuz please make this sticky atleast till Arena works fully functional. Thanks !
  14. Its really a problem not only for me but for all of us. I think devs should make a feature like "cant attack this player during quest" when you try killing a player doing quests. Right? Go fight arena guys. Still not functionaly working and not giving points,but lets make Nadir Arena a PvP meeting place on every server. I play on emerald btw.
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