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  1. Don't you just love pesimists? Dk has drawbacks, same as every class. The dk drawbacks may be the most substancial, but the vicious burst damage is something that will leave a mark. Every con has a pro (or at least most of them do) so why don't we all just stop begging for these changes that are extremely unlikely to come around and learn to play to the strengths and cover our weaknesses? Keep that glass half full and stop complaining around the forum!
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    04/10, only 22 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes and 12 seconds, but its not like im keeping track because that'd be immature
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    Once more unto the breach!!
  4. If im brutally honest youre describing a class that would slaughter every other class, thus unbalancing the scales the other way, the reason its not going to happen. You have more chance or r0land giving you a pony than seeing the dk get even half of those "fixes", which isn't all bad tbh: at least youd have a pony
  5. A lot of questions and worldly destruction Is it weird I have a mancrush on ronald mcdonald?
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    Welcome to the addicts club then
  7. Obviously has to be What's your weirdest food craving?
  8. What youre describing there is my wet dream, and believe it or not not many of them have ever come true.Unfortunately for us Dk diehards the devs seem to know more about the class balancing than the players who use it day in day out so my dream stays a dream. I'd still play dk over barb though any day
  9. Dks can be pretty damn good tanks, much better than barbs; you just really need to know how to build stats properly... Going halvies with a dk is like putting pigtails on a rats arse, no matter how pretty it looks youre going to end up with a turd dribbling towards your feet...
  10. But is it per hit or is it passive once skill is active?
  11. In regard to the saturation vamparism, are the mechanics going to be a certain amount/percentage of hp per hit OR will it be a certain percentage/amount from a random nearby enemy(ies) Help me r0land!!! My brain is confused!!!!!
  12. Supposed to have gone off at 12:00 GMT and come back at 14:00 GMT. It's now 16:00 GMT, 120 minutes late and going of the surprise chest every minute, that's A LOT of chests :yahoo:
  13. 14:25 GMT and there's still no server señors!! I have a schedule to keep to and my 4pm massage is not something I can miss out on!
  14. You be the wise man here ;D@Jay Do you really expect the GMs to ban one of their most valuable customers? Think of it this way, if you owned a cafe and you had a rule about sharing tables, you would pick up on the people that spend the least amount of money and not the ones that bought an all day breakfast every day. Like it or not, Warspear is a source of income for quite a few people and without people like Hassn and zain (not sure if they actually do trade accounts but hey, you're the one pointing the finger, not me) buying that all day breakfast every day, you loose out.
  15. Other classes may have super duper rambo moves, but can they go invisible and crit over 1500 damage? Can they gain gold from a skill? Answer that and you'll realise just how bad the steal ability would screw up the classes.
  16. You US players should try EU sometime. We don't argue over the forum, we just have vendettas in the game :good: Its better that way because you don't get spammers giving it the big "I am". LONG LIVE THE EUROPEANS! :yahoo:
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    Sorry xD I didnt see the board I was using. I hope you americans understand ;) Devs pls move this to EU board for a good willed noob like me :blush:
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    I just though that since the US server has this then EU should too ;) Please comment with your ingame name and the boss you need
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    Hello there my padawan, I see you have chosen the path of the DK........ Joking! ;) Im not going to give you a load of bs, but dks ARE the best tanks. If you want good advice on DK setups, check out bloodylips on the forum. He's got a lot of useful things in posts that are really helpful to new players. If you want my advice though, you should do as male said and arena as much as possible. Doing arena gets you arena points (as youve already probibly noticed) which allows you to buy arena armour and weapons. When you get to around lv10with dk, you need to make a decision with what wep you want to use. All the weps have their own advantages and disadvantages. 1h- Boosts defence so your harder to kill and hits faster than 2h and spear. Doesn't do as much damage however and you can't take full effect of exhal (skill 2). This is the most expensive option 2h- Hits harder than 1h but doesn't hit as fast and doesn't boost defence. Does not use take advantage of exhal eithrr but this is the cheapest option and if you follow the quests you'll get this free at around lv14 (don't hold me to the lvl) Spear- My personal favorite ;) Does burst damage and allows you to use dark magic, which lets you take advantage of exhal completely. Does not boost defence but is reasonably priced (if your dmg is high enough you don't need the extra defence ;) You should always boost dark shield as its the best defence skill in the game, no questioning that at all. Only boost exhal if you are going to use spear and boost threads because it stuns aswell as pulls. The rest ill let you figure out yourself. Good luck with your dk and I wish your druid etnal pain and suffering ;D
  20. The bad grammar, the horrific spellings... IT'S KILLING ME!
  21. Im not that interested :facepalm: :rofl:
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