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  1. A guy who thinks that animes are all about Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and Death Note has no right to say anything.
  2. I understand your point. So, do you like series or cartoons?
  3. Happy Birthday Warspear! Great update as always, Devs! Been playing for four of those seven years.
  4. S*** that haters, this is Graav The Black Hunter. Great artwork and epic story, Graav. The best I have seem until now. Good luck, even though you may not even need it. (Nice job showing those haters their rightful places;))
  5. Go for it Turtle, nice boss (it really looks like a Pokémon xD). The name of the little elf made me ask myself about which of our two Jasons you turned into a slave at Moraktar xD. It's quite good, though I think the story needs a bit more of work. Anyway, good luck Turtleman.
  6. The story is nice, but needs work. And the location where it is at is quite restricted, for this will be a boss for both sides to hunt. Good luck anyway, may the most creative win.
  7. Pawns and rooks mhm... That sounded a bit like Highschool DxD. xD Btw, nice backstory and boss drawing, go for it Carp! And don't forget to start thinking about what you'll ask. Good luck.
  8. Nice bribe you got there... I can't refuse to vote for WSO for android award anyway, it's the most addictive MMORPG in my list (this versatility of multi-platform overwhelms other MMORPGs. Good luck with that. Let the simple, good and old 2d defeat those 3d wannabes.
  9. People are way too excited... Just look on that number of multi postages.
  10. Soulstar


    Good bye Absalom, always liked your warlock's nickname...
  11. Basically it's one account per device, not per player. Especially because you can make two on each of your devices to make it "legit", and through sharing you can "have" many accounts, that is, if you have a lot of friends. It can be seen as a flaw in the EULA, since you can't be banned by having more than two accounts if they are assigned to different IPs. As for me, I think this limit is quite easily explainable, since the game has twelve classes and you can make two accounts with six character slots each. By the way, if you have many accounts commonly mean that you're afraid of losing all your characters in case of being hacked\scammed. I kind of agree with the first reason, but totally disagree with the second one. The accounts store data, meaning that they will fill a space without any real need, thus making servers store more data, causing reduction in stability, even if small.
  12. Got it. Thanks for your patronage.
  13. Omfg, any item from the game . Could you explain a bit more about social networks reward? By the way, will this contest have more than one #2 and #3 winners? Or only one for each place? Got an idea already, too bad that my drawing skill sucks . Oh yeah, and the boss must be drawn resembling game's graphics? Thanks for your attention. (I hate asking that much, but the world is all about questions anyway ) Ps. Oops! Double posting.
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