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  1. Guys my boss was not uploaded Its arzon the rebel , please upload it
  2. Hey guys is everything alright?? I mean it took u much more than,3 hourses so ist my device or ur still working on it? we cant wait lol
  3. Ur completely right thnx for telling me bro U see anything else?
  4. Thnx bro,and i guess ur right,but pls tell me wht should i add
  5. Thnx alot ,, so wht do u think of the story?
  6. Guys im sorry for the trouble butbi didnt find the (add file) button,and do u post my boss or i have to share it on facebook?and how the voting will be done? thnx for ur work aigrind we love u
  7. Thnx guys but i didnt find the add file,and wht do u think abt it?
  8. How can i upload its picture? (Or drawing)
  9. In the world of arinar,the first age,the battle for the warspar has exhausted both sides,the warlocks decided to create a mighty creature to turn the tide of battle and maybe win the war!! arzon the barbarian put his life endanger for their experiment, the warlocks castec the most ancient and evil spells,and arzon started to turn bigger,and bigger,even his skin become thicker! But the combination of spells,turned more evil and evil, two other arms grew his face completly changed,he raged and attacked the warlocks,they tried to stop him,but they were dead before they even know it,and suddenly he turns back to his mind,but not his old him. He left the others,and went home to find his family slayin,arzon raged in anger and slaughterd every crature he laid eyes on,he wasnt on the elves side,nor the.forsaken side,he only seeks revenge,blood,death,after the mighty clash,and the world reshaped,arzon raised from underground mysteriously,seeking vengance again. Arzon wields two swords with his first two arms,and uses his bare other earms to strike painful punches that stun his enemies, Location : arzon was last seen in boilling lake south of nadir city His health ::: 1.2 mil HP ,,, energy : 200 He reganerate only mana by 5 per second behaviour : he moves all around the square (boilling lake)and attacks even mobs Physical damage : 500 his swords are magical so he also deals magic damage : 250 skills: fear (active) cost 25 energy,, only used once , mighty blow (active): his next attack deals double damage,recharge :30 seconds . Mana cost 100 earth shake: arzon hits the ground with his legs causing the ground to shake damaging nearby players by 200, cost 50 energy, recharge 30 seconds Bleed (passive) : damage over time is.caused by his sharp blades, 20dmg per second for 3second after any attack..(cant be stacked) Rage: when his health reaches below 10k he deals 150% damage and gets health steal by 20% but looses his abilty to use skills (even passive) Undefeatable : as soon as arzons health hits 0 he rvives with 200k hp and 400 physical damage but with no skils Check.out.how.the boss.looks like https://plus.google.com/app/basic/photos/110698151323580585358/album/posts?cbp=ziowh93dlwc8&gl=sy&sview=55&cid=5&soc-app=115&soc-platform=1&spath=%2Fapp%2Fbasic%2Fphotos&sparm=cbp%3D175lj3ep0rb2m%26gl%3Dsy%26sview%3D54%26cid%3D5%26soc-app%3D115%26soc-platform%3D1%26pv%3Daa
  10. I cant buy miracle coins.... not by sms or call..help
  11. Wht about the (controll points) u promised?
  12. De venom

    help please

    Hi, i have ranger level 13, but broke and bad equipped, his so weak that i cant even do quests!!! pls i need advice,i spent lots of time to reach this lvl.
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