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  1. Another worst thing is there is so less mc users here, none can even amp their things properly The mc side literally lacks everything The only happiness most get is when there is guild tournament which gives rewards to top 15. How depressing
  2. So we should accept the fact that nothing can be done? You should check out sea pearl and tell me how bad the situation is.
  3. Well something needs to be done at least, it's just so unfair and hard for us to survive. I think it's better to remove the server by transferring all our characters to other server. Of course, guild castles and stuff are a conflicts but it's a sacrifice we all would like
  4. I wish the GM would take measures for Sea-Pearl. It's just so unfair. There is so less player in mc side. Can't even win a war nor can even go for raid bosses due to huge amount of elf taking drops by themselves Of course we have so less players, it's just depressing. I wish some merging could happen with other server cuz sea Pearl is dying. It just saddens me so much. Even new players are moving to elf side now. I hope someone shed some light on the server
  5. I forgot them, I can't help a player sadly, where is sanctuary spirit
  6. How can I get costume from serpentus? I mean there are so many players fighting the boss, who gets the drop? Or do you need a party to solo that boss?
  7. It's kinda good to use, I use spear most of the time. So, magic goes well with my death call, better with health steal, same with steel hurricane but with good magic DMG, you can fight players with less magic armour, But, remember dk is a tank, it doesn't need much DMG, that's the dmgers role, But you can be a hybrid tank too which less tanky but beneficial for solo, in that case, you can squeeze out a little more DMG using magic.
  8. Does anybody know what costumes, books, relics etc. Drops from spring chest? What are the rarest thing in these chests
  9. Thanks it kinda helped me but doing dg gets slower and dg takes a lot of time
  10. As you can my character, whenever I do DG at 20 I keep on dying, not in ringmaster area, mainly mobs and boss The most stupid shit is the boss, even after getting the health buff and with heal minion that stupid boss teleports to some stupid place use her attack slow me down and let out barrage of magical attack which does 200-1k DMG to me I mean I'm fed up I can't do shit with these characters, I'm not rich like others who have pro I'd But I do have full outlaw set for use at 20 and use normal craft accessories Now please I beg you to reduce their attack power or amount of hits they make cuz these characters have no self heal, they can't possibly survive in the DG without HiFi +7 equips and weapons Please do something or suggest me something I'm just pissed cuz even after using heal minion + heal scroll + event minion + health buff, I get crushed like an ant
  11. I have wild heroic cloth full set, I am really struggling to decide should I use it on my lvl 20 charmer or not This is the only equipment I have I wanna use it with shield and mace and also staff as well The reason I'm struggling is because I right now leveling a necromancer and I heard that critical is best for necro But I have waiting for the whole equip set for a long time for charmer and this the only one I got, is it going to good for me?
  12. Wish someone made a more detailed guide with information on how to do them, what item to use, where to find those items etc.
  13. I need a build for rogue lvl 20 for farming bosses and DG. I am actually aiming for speed and dodge for that I have bought the outlaw set. Ring with dodge and accuracy Amulet with speed and dodge Cloak with speed and dodge Probably gonna use snow dagger with piercing to overlay peneration. Is this good? You can suggest me if you want too and I have bought frenzy skill I'd still like to know better skill build for rogue please
  14. I figured it out. You need shield to activate all together. You need to equip shield as well
  15. I was active for well over 5 mins in my first character.
  16. This is happening after the update. I have 2 character in the same ID. I participated in the event with both character. One was active while other was inactive. Regardless of that before the update I did the same thing and received my rewards but this time I did the same thing and none of my character received anything at all. Not even my active one. I logged in to my main character while 9 seconds were remaining. And the event ended but I didn't receive anything nor buff not even on my second character.
  17. No I am two handed. I'll switch later after amping myself
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