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  1. instead of that they nerfed the % for double damage from under 30% of HP to 20% ....
  2. dude.. is a suicide even a good idea? those questions.. make the char, try it and you will see. It's better then starting 5 random threads about some crap..
  3. funny thing is that I dont have elusive and still owns in arena and I am not rly high amped.. it's all about how u use ur skills, no matter what ppl say priest is still worthy playing even without elusive so i dont give a shiiiiiiiiit whether ET is nerfed or not. and btw I see some posts ♥♥♥♥♥in about Gods power as well... ok the duration is rly crappy BUT its again about how u use that, for example my priest reach 33% crit combined with Tears lvl 5 and there u go... purple rain of criticals. Once tested on mage with his Dragons Eye and he reached 40% atak speed.. so.. priest sucks hard, delete it and let me get all the slots in parties and all the looooot! /sarcasm ends
  4. Armistice. Cooldown time was decreased from 19 seconds to 12. my Armistice has still 19 sec cd!
  5. new update running on Linux is shutting down the game randomly. Can u pls at least check whats wrong?? This is like my 3rd reply in different topics about this issue and noone replied or said something
  6. Antikryst

    Linux client

    Hi team, since last update my game start to closing down without any error message. Im running Linux client for 64bit on Ubuntu 12.04. It never happend before this update so I dont with the problem is on my side. Can u pls check what can cause the issue? thanks
  7. hi after the update my game went unstable, its closing up randomly without any error message. Im runing Linux version on Ubuntu 64bit. Can u fix it plx?? its not nice if im running hero tower with my priest and a pt and my game close up thanks
  8. ok then thanks for information i got confused by this post where a Priest is showing Payback skill it DOES crit so idk http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/35376-priest-expert-skill-payback/
  9. Hello, I have this issue, my Priest lvl 22 has expert skills Payback and Redemtion but I never ever saw them make a critical. I am using those 2 skills for few months but still never crit.. is it a bug a what?? Thanks for answer
  10. Antikryst

    Gods power

    noone has this skill? I wonder
  11. Antikryst

    Gods power

    Hi everyone, did u try new priests expert skill?? im interested in any info.. duration and how many % of crit and atack speed it gives at lvl 1 and so on, thx
  12. Antikryst


    thanks for info, friend told me there is a bug if u use this skill it will reduce ur hp in half is that true??
  13. thanks GM now its rly crap.. Tears were always droping from heaven fast now I get killed in arena before even start casting..
  14. if farm I would go 5 tears / 4 valor / 3 shield and 5 heal the rest is up to yours
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