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  1. The skill is working correctly how they made to work. This ppl are doing this videos without gear/low amp pve gear. I hope the GM's and ADM's looking that. They are trying to scam u.
  2. For this guys shaman don't take silence, stun... Nothing. I'm think the problem of this guys/guild is their guild comp. They have all things that mc have and better things in their kits on elf classes, but they only invite pala, mage, templar in their comps. I'm hope the devs or adms that are in this topic don't follow this write bullshit and follow their graphics and dmg balance.
  3. They cry about shaman because in their guild have 50 mage DPS, low number of support/control/debuff class and don't know why always lose in the gvg strikes. ūü§£. First, change ur guild comp to a good dmg and sup classes to after talk about nerf.
  4. Eu queria entender o choro quanto de voc√™s, a classe faz perfeita e equilibradamente o que foi programada pra fazer que √© da suporte. Voc√™s tem mage que tem control AoE e escudo; Pala que tem control AoE e suporte; Tem BD que tem control e dano. Como voc√™s s√£o burros e n√£o sabem usar as classes de voc√™s, o mais f√°cil √© pedir nerf. Quanta inoc√™ncia e choro, voc√™s s√£o uma piada, todo lado elfo √© uma piada. Espero que a empresa de fato tenha mudado como prometido no pen√ļltimo balanceamento de classes e parado de ouvir opini√Ķes de completos imbecis e ac√©falos como os que choram neste t√≥pico.
  5. Um sistema anti afk é bem possível de ser implementado. O ban que seria dado nesse sistema seria somente ban temporário de dmd na arena, não precisa banir a conta do sujeito.
  6. Engra√ßado que a gente s√≥ ver esse choro do outro lado. Todos sabem que o escudo de pala e a barreira de mage ta roubado e ningu√©m fala nada. Agora vem querer falar de shaman? Uma guild tem 40 mage e outra 20 shamans e voc√™s elfos vem falar de desequil√≠brio. Voc√™s est√£o de brincadeira. Aigrind como empresa espero que n√£o leve a s√©rio uns caras como esse e baseiem seus buffs/nerfs em n√ļmero e m√©dia de dano. Uma coisa que ainda n√£o vimos por parte mas esperamos que daqui pra frente ocorra.
  7. Raphsodyz

    Stone Skin

    Heya Make stone skin stacks not removed by reflect status. Not make sense it skill countered so easy. Make stone skin only removed by a dmg that are over a % of the barbarian life 1 ~ 4% ea level of his life after defense calculate. Ty
  8. The bds resist don't have any counter play. Barb and mage resist need to be used in a correctly time to be usefull. Make bd resistance skill weak. It need have a counterplay, bd is a damage classel. Not a tank.
  9. . I hope u right, they don't write in the topic that is a new skill mechanic
  10. Do this is a add-on to the currrently mechanic of stone skin or a new mechanic that means the skill not increase each second?
  11. Don't need to change the shaterred stone skill to a skill like a pool of darkness, they can use the creativity to create a skill that follows a damage line like a pool of darkness skill. I really don't like the idea of putting pool of darkness skill like shaterred stone skill mechanic, or the explosion damage skill. This goes broke the game more than is already broken. But, if they are planning to keep the game as it is today, this change is extremely necessary. I know the number of players, strategy is important. What I am showing is: we need the AoE skill from our damage classes
  12. Hi all, players and devs. In this topic, i want talk about some classes and the current meta-game that affect the game events. Why the meta-game need some changes? Please look the Battle Alliance winners in all servers, castle owners in all servers and the rank of the aquatic event is all servers. Elfs side always have advantage. The main question is about the meta game. Currently, mcs don't have any damage class that give a burst AoE damage, only elfs with mages. This affect so much in gvg events (like war, aquatic events and war castle). All mcs need to click in the
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