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  1. Cross u may be able to rape those mages but ik forsure u won't rape my lvl 17 mage with 338 sun. They might not be able to now how to use mage but I do, I have tactics of raping warlocks. If u know how to use mage u will rape any warlock. Thank you! Cross you need to get better at crossing bro I was throwing your chars all over. 8)
  2. There's already a scammers list its by cherrybia, go to general then go to eu-emerald. Everyone post scammers in there and cherry puts it up in list and there's a lot already in list. 8)
  3. Devs on my T mobile G1 I'm still having force close problems right when I open app I hope this will be fixed soon, it has Os 1.6. I usally play on my android tell the update came out now it force closes all the time, I even tried my ipod 4th generation and it does the same thing, please have it fix soon snorlax u said u where looking into it, and I know its not my phone because I cleared cache and cleared data and also reboot it and I did the factory reset and it still force close.,Thank you, neromage :wacko:
  4. Neromage

    sms payment in iraq

    Devs are on brake over the weekend wait tell monday u will get a reply hopefully. :facepalm:
  5. They need to make a radiant mage cape!!!! :facepalm: :facepalm:
  6. :lol: wow! :facepalm: noob scammers!
  7. Neromage


    I agree nakkti that was rude of her to say that! :facepalm:
  8. Elf and chosen always rule Mc side on every server, u just have to find out how to use your char and use some strategies. 8)
  9. Bro this needs to be moved to support, but there already working on this problem should be fixed soon, I think devs are on brake over the weekend so wait tell Monday and see wat snorlax or one of them say. 8)
  10. Bds are better then rouges. I use mage and I have no problem killing rouges its so easy. Stealth don't haarm me because if the rouge is in a certain area of the mage u can take them out of stealth with chains shadder or teleport, I have no problem with rouges, I would like to see a rouge beat me in 1vs1 8)
  11. I love chains very helpful because when rouges stealth and there by me I click chains and it takes them out of stealth, teleport and shadder also do this. But I would like chains to stun though would really make mage even more op! 8)
  12. There already working on this problem, give devs a few days.
  13. Godzkush start making a poll because u can't do nuttin to your FBI AGENT CHERRY 8)
  14. I'm having trouble on android with the force close! :facepalm:
  15. Snorlax when will the next update come out for the force close and the us saphire bug fixes. I wanna play warspear already its been like this for a week I think. Thank you, Neromage
  16. Sorry but they can't really do nuttin here, send a email to support. Thank you :facepalm:
  17. I seen a pala heal a 1 crit heal, and everytime he pvps I barly see him loose. :facepalm:
  18. Never saw anyone use that kind of scamm, what a noob lol but I'm glad u didn't fall for it 8) post this screen shot in cherrysbias scammers list and she will add him to scammers list. Thank you
  19. I already know :facepalm: crossfit I just say snorlaxx instead of snorlax lol.
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