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  1. Change my name to Spacemaan thanks :blush: 8)
  2. For one bro u could of talked with me and span before making all this drama, no need to start pathetic stuff that no one knows about execpt us and bia. And another thing no ones selling any account idk where u get this from, many haters gonna hate and be jelouse, xavi if u still wanna talk pm me or right me in forum.
  3. Haha zain just calm down its a game :blush:
  4. Alll know best warlock his name is spacemaan = god of warspear! 8)
  5. Not gonna lie bro I had lots of fun in ws with u, alot to remember! But as u can tell I quit to, havent logged for awhile tell today but was logging on to see if u were still playing or not, intell I heard u quit I was like smh but good to hear from u on here! Stay up bro be safe out there! Always will remember the best shaman ever :)
  6. Devs fix this soon as possible, I was on a few hours ago then I log off to switch char and all it says is connecting, doing it on my galaxy and iPod! :facepalm:
  7. Whats going on with eu server?? :facepalm:
  8. I cross most of the time I'm on with jaythug and that's all over the place, some of the time I cross with diablo but he uses his mage dadinho, and also with xlovelyx. :yahoo: when this force close stops on my warspear client ill meet u at a place 8)
  9. Wow I'm sorry bro! I know we ant really friends but if u need any help I can try my hardest to help u bro. :yahoo:
  10. Looks like a good update :yahoo:, will the android force close be fixed? :wacko:
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