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  1. I don't neccesarily like the idea of raising the ticks to 4 because that might interfere with certain combos pulled off with nightmare.
  2. This is correct. I apologize for the freak-out! The message should be more specific because it is very vague and doesn't mention the item you tried to purchase. The sad part is, the item would have been purchased by accident if I would have had enough Miracle Coins. It's the way it pops up when you first log in that day. Case closed. Delete the thread if neccesary.
  3. Did anyone else get a greeting message when they logged in asking them to buy a specific amount of Miracle coins to access more content in the game? I didn't see anything in the news section, so I'm wondering what this is all about? What has changed and what did I need 51 more Miracle Coins to buy? I hope this isn't another way to beg for money because I just spent 23$ over the weekend and if this is an attempt to trick people into giving more money then I might just never pay for another thing in this game, ever.
  4. Yes , I'm using arena staff +7 with great charm on magic damage. 2/1/2/5/5 I'm thinking of removing the skill point from poison spittle and putting it into nightmare. I feel that by doing this, my chance of survival and my damage will be increased in the long run. That extra nightmare time will allow for deathly eye which would cause more damage overall than if I had 2 in poison spittle.
  5. Well I ended up going with gloves and chest because I was impatient over the weekend, do you think it is a bad move to do gloves instead of hood? I regret it, but for purely aesthetic reasons (I hate the arena turban look). I ended up great charming all my gear because of the bonus over the weekend and I did notice a nice improvement in the arena, but that might be because the GT health bonus. PS great charms on health boost is pretty pathetic.. what the heck does +8 health going to do to keep me alive lol
  6. ahh! Thank you for clearing that up! I had a feeling that might have been the case :)
  7. Abyss Zealot's Silvered Signet : Enchant Bonuses : 9 energy restore and 52 health increase Abyss Zealot's Black Ring : Enchant Bonuses : 8 energy resore and 50 health increase These are without great charms. It is only a very minor difference, but the Silvered Signet is definitily the better ring. Why do people recommend the Black Ring all the time, when the Silvered Signet is clearly better?
  8. Dude, you are popular player, right? Your story should be interesting! Take some more time to rewrite this because right now it doesn't seem like you put much effort into it.
  9. So you don't charm resilience on your arena gear? I'm now wondering what 2 pieces of guiding thread I should be mixing with the arena gear. Has anyone thought of the best way of combining the two, so that we can have that health bonus?
  10. If pro means waiting around for days begging MC to come help, then count me out. I'm much happier being "newb" and getting Dinalt done, so that I can do tower on normal. I did tower twice so far and I got Hauberk of Heroic Endurance and Violent Storm Shoes, so you tell me, was it worth giving away 10 spheres of damage enhancement?
  11. Dinalt defeated! I payed an elf 10 damage spheres to help me.
  12. Guide on how to make a guide... I'm speechless... People took the time to write some really interesting material and this is how AIGrind thanks them. Big lack of respect in my opinion.
  13. It becomes very simple once you destroy the first one, because the one that respawns will be the right one each time. So it's just a matter of finding the right one once and then paying attention to your screen and waiting for it to respawn.
  14. Rangers at stairs laying traps. Watch out for that!
  15. What is the arena god mode tactic? I'm not afraid of stairs now that I made a spy :)
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