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  1. ;) we 4 people hunting chief!!!!
  2. In my country india. Sms system not working from 6 months and 0 m.coins in my account even if i want to replenish i can't do so. So i am not happy when everyone buying their goods and i cant do if i want to. And about purchasing from gold eu emerald mc side all sell expensive if that thing on discount.
  3. Truly says till norlant introduced i got only one lvl 18 item i.e heroic endurance I was doing kota quest from 4 char but i left doing norlant quest from more then 20+ days coz i started to feel bored and starting to feel unlucky
  4. my first anax hunt as a tanker :)
  5. guys is this ok? whats ur oppinion? :blush:
  6. my post for competition............hope u guys like this......
  7. today i tanked and killed 6x shadow and help in their quest, tanking 2x shadow in one time. With 2 necro of lvl 14 and one more shaman :yahoo:
  8. Congratz to the winner. I wait for this day till i make my comics (around 28 days)regularly.but now it hurt feeling sad:( this happns always... No drop from norlant quest and last hope goes end.
  9. The story i make is totally based on christmas(the festival of love joy and brotherhood) in which a person who very upset coz of his bad luck. Gets a precious gift from his friend. I.e love and friendship (the thing which is the best in the world) makes the man happy :)
  10. koolkid

    Indian community

    Hi.guys or girls. Kaise ho tum log
  11. :( still not anyone tell this. What i am asking. I am very curious to knw.
  12. Ty spanishBut wanna know how? Guys plz tell.
  13. hi guys i want to buy this.pm me in game or here for 35k.samxcool or rambert(Eu - Emerald) mc side.
  14. I want to just know how to hunt blue eye in just one party of 5 shaman with full dark set. Want to know the procedure?
  15. Everythng is all right before 3.4 update but as soon as 3.4 release it becomes gr8 trouble for me. I face slow internet problem every 3-4 secs I lost my 90% arena because of lag.the use of skill works after 4-5 secs. If i use a skill it take 4-5 secs. I use 3g sim so there is probability of slow internet. Me and many of my friends have same problem. It happens after 3.4.0 I checked everythng my connection mgr. Call my data operator Run other thing All fine Problems occur when i play ws. The game always lag and shown in connection mgr.(active)=np and (inactive)=lag It happens after update Slow internet i.e (active)(inactive) The game automatically lose connection after some time. And then try to connect Loose and connect Every 4-5 secs.it happens Connection So fix that bug plz. I use nokia 5233 (s60v5) That so ridicilous. Lag sucks!
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