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  1. :blush:what about this guys?
  2. Since u played on there server so they have all the info of all players in there database. They can recover your acc by sending a msg to technical support all acc related problems solve there
  3. koolkid

    upsate error

    Sir there is prob with update after it done connection lost and re downloading of update start adding pics about that
  4. why people always cry about lock shaman? Even quake fails most of the time coz of slow connection and screen bug as compared to druid root and bees and other elf char but we rarely complain. U need practise to put aoe skil but many cry u doing . P.s now feel the same situation like quake. Before quake was 5x5 , your cry make it 3x3 . More cry leads to more changed for lock and sham but still cry. I think elfs always cry
  5. koolkid

    symbian update

    I download 3x times sisx as well as zip file from download section, cleared coockies cache unistal old client but still v 3.11 (1) is u guys forgot to add 3.12 for symbian user? Or it will added? Answer asap waiting for play with new skill
  6. that lvl 3 barb was also wanna scam me yesterday but he failed he offer me 41111 and next time 4111 gold xd i cancel the trade and save
  7. first of all, selling or trading and last but nit the least buying account is illegal which is against the eula rules
  8. I got 3500 m.def on full m.def runes in every item with +6 ring and amulet
  9. koolkid

    Devs pls help

    Devs i am making this topic for my friend provo his acc got scammed by a lvl 7 char,it happens coz he was purchasing mc from a guy and he asked for id and provo gave and his acc details gets changed, now scammer saying he will del his acc so kindly take an action as soon as possible before his acc get del check provo login details also, devs he alredy sent an email and in past 3 month my 2 friend got scammed 1st is tenth before and she still not got her acc andstill scammer playing now provo pls check tenth and provo i.p and others things to conform the acc owner Regards Adnaan
  10. Hello warspear player, In the world of arinar you can know various type of fun which you can get from pvp,pve,warspear is a mmorpg game mix of pvp and pve PvM Pvm commonly described as player vs monster,there are various type of mobs according to there health and defence of different lvl found on various maps of arinar Classification of mobs/drop There are four types of mobs in arinar according to there health and defence 1)blue:- these are the mobs with low heath and low attack drops most of the quest items needed for the completion of the quest in as well as some items for sell to merchants 2)green:-these are the mobs with high attack and more attack compared to blue one,these mobs also drop quest item as well as selling itmes with higher gold offered from merchants when sell,these mobs also drop spheres of defence and damage Spheres are used to amplify the weapon and armours, defence sphere are used to amplify the cloack, helmet,armour,belt,gloves boots and shield but damage spheres are used to amplify the weapon (sphere of defence enhancement I)these sphere are used to amplify the armours from lvl between 1-11 (sphere of defence enhancement II)these sphere are used to amplify the armours between lvl 12-20 (sphere of damage enhancement I)these sphere are used to apm;lify the weapon between lvl 1-11 (sphere of damage enhancement II) these sphere are used to apm;lify the weapon between lvl 12-20 While amplify the gears one good advice is to use of sign of impershiabilty coz sign of impershiabilty protects your items for loss or broken or amplification decrease after +1 3)yellow:- these are the mobs with high attack and more health compared to blue and green mobs drop nothing but sometimes spheres 4)red:- these are the mobs with high attack and more health compared to others three classification of mobs these mobs commonly named as “bosses”,the bosses of godgorrath,moraktar,langasard and melvendil drop spheres of enhancement I But the bosses of irselnort drop gears of lvl 13 and spheres of enhancement II Thers are three classification of weapons one hand, two hand and staffs according to the heroes Pvp Pvp commonly described as player vs player, you can fight with other faction players in arinar/same facton player in arena Arena Arena is the place where you can fight with others player, There are three format of arena which are 2x2 3x3 5x5 And different level of arena which are of lvl (4-6)(7-10)(11-14)(15-18)(19-20) After winning/loosiing of arena you get arena point according to your format and lvl Arena points can be used to purchase arena gears from arena dealer or pots or spheres Arena gears are best for pvp purpose coz of resilience If you love to pvp then arena is the best place to enjoy! Current maps of arinar (Godgorrath,melvendil,moraktar,langasard) these maps are for beginner contains quest to lvl up your character from lvl 1-12 Irselnort:-these maps contains quest from lvl 12-14 after reach lvl 14 the map of norlant swamp gets quest for you and that’s time if u get lucky you will get many usefull gears for you from 12 – 18 which you can use or sell to other player to make gold, after completition of all yellow quest of irselnort,you get daily quest stated as blue for more experience, When you reach lvl 19 and done the shadows of berengars you get the quest for astral labyrinth Astral labyrinth is the place where you can experience something new,to check your skills, There are 13 bosses out of which 5 are common for the four faction.. The first there bosses drop lvl 17 items and rest drop lvl 18 items The first two bosses attack physical and after that all bosses attack dark magic Now move on to the mobs of astral labyrinth the mobs between bosses 1 – 3 attack physical damage And after boss 3 there is a combination of dark mobs and physical damage mobs One tip for moving in astral labyrinth is to kill the parasite first before move on forward if u running in lab, parasite stick to player leads to slow down the player speed. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. :give_rose: :give_rose:
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