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  1. On the description it says there will be a portal leading to them, plus it says it's a guild event. I'm sure it's just like this for the test server. They will probably have their own areas on the live version. Nevermind, I just re-read it. LUL RIP PvP cave
  2. I'm guessing: Techno will drop lv28 weapons. Heroic Nadir will drop lv26 gears with set bonus. Berengar's Tower will drop lv18 rings. Not sure about the Mythical ones though. I was thinkin they would drop based on the Easy-Heroic table; Garden = Capes/Rings, Term = Amulets, Tree = Armours, Tech = Weapons. But I can't really tell since they have level requirements that are far off.
  3. We all were. Got jebaited so hard into new town + lv30 New items though, can't complain. Ayyyyyeeee
  4. Soloed the Mythical Technopolis dungeon. Felt more like a solo dungeon. Small areas, poorly made. Though it looks so incomplete/bugged. The detonators on the tower areas seem to die at half hp and some areas of the dungeon have mobs/areas with nothing around them (pointless dead ends), there are also some teleporters which don't activate/do nothing. Tower areas are more easier, it spawns less mobs, though there is this annoying thing on the floor that slows you, some have detonator mobs with 25k hp which seem to insta-kill the towers, but gives you a debuff. Mobs also resist cc/debuffs. Boss has 300k hp, stuns for 3 seconds and can be untargetable for 5~ seconds like Engineer (AoE's still hit him), there are also those annoying things on the floor which slows you, some spots don't have it though but it seems like if you step on them you get the -CD skill from Necro. Didn't really check stats when I got debuffed, but they didn't seem to affect me at all. P.S. Nice drop. Easier than Heroic at this state.
  5. Most people, if not all, that stay at lv20 compete at the arena ladders for season end rewards, Same case with other levels. If you aren't planning to do so, then it'd be better if you leveled up to the max level to gain skill points and be able to equip high level gear, you also unlock expert skill slots if you don't want to pay for them. I don't really see any reason to stopping at a certain level other than arena or farming certain bosses.
  6. Shitzo


    What do I do for fun? I play Warspear Online.
  7. Yes, the higher the level of the chest, the higher chances of getting costumes and skill books. Though, I would recommend getting the ones from Irselnort. I've opened over 200 chests from Ayvondil arena shops (highest one) and didn't get anything while I've seen people getting more than 1 costume/skill book in a few sets of Irselnort's chests. But in the end, it all comes down to luck. So if you do alot of arenas then it would be better to open the ones from Ayvondil.
  8. So I connected my Facebook to one account then removed it Now when I try to link it to an account, it says that it's already attached to one. And when I try to log in using that Facebook, it says that it's not connected to any account. Halp
  9. Damn. About time. Hopefully this will be the first step towards much needed features, such as the ability to bind skills and function buttons to any key of your choice. Let's not forget extra hotkey slots too.
  10. When you enter a dungeon, you get a specific quest of that dungeon that tracks the objectives to progress through and to finish the dungeon. That's how the system was designed. It's completely appropriate.
  11. Day later Hassn logs. Coincidence? I aren't think so
  12. Book of Oblivion isn't used that much right now, it'd be too costly to keep changing between 2 separate builds. I highly doubt adding this feature would change the numbers that much. The majority of players only use one skill build or switch between on events. Book of Oblivion is like, what? Chump change for developers. There's nothing wrong if it wouldn't be used as much, especially for something as good as this. Like I've said there are literally no cons from this. It's like in every game out there with skills and stuff like talent/mastery trees, There is PvP and PvE. There are certain enchantments/stats which are better or bad for the other so we have PvP and PvE sets. There are skills which are only useful to study for PvE and same could go for PvP but not really as much as PvE. I mean it's pretty simple from just looking at that. We need separate skill builds for PvP and PvE.
  13. Agreed, I think I suggested that long time ago too. Most MMORPGs have a feature where you have 2 equipment sets and can alternate between the two from character equipment menu, this wouldn't be so hard for Warspear, I imagine. Multiple skill builds are really needed in my opinion. Imagine Healers for PvE who invest into supportive skills which aren't really much good in PvP than investing points into offensive skills and leaving the supportive ones at base level. Same with Tanks, who need to invest points into aggro skills, which is completely useless in PvP but mandatory for PvE. It's pretty much the same idea as resilience equipment sets and physical/magical defensive equipment sets.
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