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  1. :facepalm: NIDAINE BEST PLAYER 111!111
  2. EU-Emerald. Mc - Forsaken Side. Two months ago(or something like that) i get lucky in Swamps - Killing Whisper Brigandine get into my bag ;) . I tried to sold it, then player Derpin (warlock lvl 20)Offered for this 100k gold and 250 Sphere of Damage Ench. II. I agreed We went to caravans, he gave me 100k, 50 Spheres, i gave him KW Brigandine. In next trade - 50Spheres went to my bag. Suddenly he said that he must go, his patry callin him for hunting Eye in Laby.He told me that he will give me 150spheres next time. But he didn't. :facepalm: I messaged him once . He said 'I dont have any Brigandine, i dont heard about any trade.Maybe it was my friend(or brother, i dont remember well) who is playing on this account ' .I told him to ask him if its true. He said ' He is on exam, will back on first days of July. Last day i messaged him , he said that his friend didnt said its true. I said I will write to WS Developers. So here I am. (My account - Masterogal, 14lvl rogue , nearly lvl up) I hope You will understand my situation.
  3. Pytałem o to z pół roku temu, na supporcie, napisali że nie planują na razie wsparcia dla Polski
  4. Rogalik


    Faild 39lvl wpns :wacko: Genius devz This weapons are .... of mechanic :friends:
  5. 214 MOON + 234 Astral with astral shaman set= SD wpn with high amp :D With new skin ^^
  6. Rogalik

    Favorite Class

    NECROMANCER ;D Need epic skill :D Ifinite combo, heal + dmg+ shield + disable for 10hours ;) = YAY
  7. Huh, this guide is better than my Engrish guid :lol: Nice ;)
  8. HelloOriginal version =http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87123.msg503382;boardseen#new Nasty Frogls: Its about killing two types of froglz , they drop harpoons which are used to complete quest.Be careful, if you choose wrong frogl, not this forever alone, they will attack you in group ;) Tower of vrangis: Its pretty easy quest about getting magic stonesCareful with choosing the way, wrong obelisks can kill you.See topic http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=77398.0 :drinks: To see which obelisk is wrong we have to stand 3 squares from obelisk and if we hear a strange sound its bad obelisk. Other way to make it is to see where do the monster are going,because bad obelisks kill em too Vow column: Pretty hard quest because it is difficult to choose the right one tower. We have to kil columns and get Soul Stones Here's an example of the right column It is boring quest but theres a nice reward - sometimes bg Shoes or Gloves :yahoo: Ravva's Amulet: Long quest where you have to kill shamans or take the amulets in hidden places Ravva Kisses: Very easy quest about tapping on Ravvaz Broz .Be careful, sometimes they attack you after change into monster Norlant treasure houses: After getting annoyed by tricky teleports, we have to wait 10 min to complete this.Easy. Norlant Aqueducts: One of my favorites.We have three options : First option summons a monster in one place- we have to find it and kill him.I like this cuz mobs drop something more - rings, cloaks,potions :bad: Meniru Guises: Long quest about getting one of them- swamp morel, death cap or shaman amanita. After getting em you give em :spiteful: to Meniru, he will transform and his drop is a lvl 13 Cape/Cloak - Like trololol mask. Island of lost soul: You have to kill 1HP mob :crazy: . On this map every 40mins spawn a chest- you can get crystals, runes, but i heard that someone get cool armor. Hydra Hunt: You have to get bait from Hydra Hunter, then kill hydra. But it have 2 million HP :( Golden Wyverns: Get skiins from Gold wyverns.It isnt easy because normal wyvern attack You. Frogl's Ginger: Its hard quest, the easiest way to do it is to get friend, and the mob will run to him, and u will take chest :crazy: Diderich the Greedy's Silver: Take coin from tomb :facepalm: Captured Shamans: Take staff from mr.Shaman.Best rewards EU. Captives: Free the right captive. Buried Alive: Find the tomb with chest.Danger, zombies inside :bomb: Bait for Hydra: Talk to the GoodGuyHunter.He will give u wyvern heart which is transformated to Hydra Bait. GUIDE MADE BY koodpl http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?action=profile;u=11596
  9. Hey guys did you watch this epic film? What do you think about it, and about this ending? O:-)
  10. @yuwie Create new topic for this PS. Killing red boss on second island, just do quests and ;)
  11. Ja za to zamienię 150dmg II z mc na elfy:)
  12. SELL KW BRIGNDINE :spiteful: EU Emerald Rogue Masterogal :yahoo:
  13. Hello AIGRIND ;) Is it possible to give every player [book of Oblivion[Gift]] in mail after reworking skills ? :good: New skill can be more balanced and someone can facepalm hard :crazy: that he didnt maxed ranger's 'Evasion' :lol: because its OP before rework :bad:
  14. Aww yeah that will a best update 4EVAH :blush: Good Luck with working on this :clapping: :clapping:
  15. Rogalik


    Maybe ,, Spectator Mode" Sounds better :spiteful:
  16. If we are hunting boss with 15 party members, will all have a chance to have a drop O:-) ?
  17. LAB HUNTING Today pm me on forum ;)
  18. If Argentiina wants to sell smthing U gonna have a bad time
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