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  1. how do i prevent this... i use norton internet security
  2. my pc deletes warspear once it downloads.. where can i stop deleting itself... cnt find it... i use norton internet security... plz reply as soon as possible...
  3. i try downloading from laptop its not working path does not exist or something it says that ...can anyone help me
  4. Everytime i tried sending ticket.... it says you have enter wrong verification code even if i type it right....
  5. Getting stuck in character selection option :aggressive:
  6. Totally disagree ......... a big f****** NO........ we work , we have life , no time to play 1 ticket of tourney for an hour or two........no thnx
  7. goodluck guys for your guild *hi* dirtfox u finally made a guild *applause*
  8. i prefer scatter 5 blessing 5 trap 5
  9. i dont understand why bds or any meeles trying to act smart ..... u cnt kill warlock thats it... no need to show off your brain.... all warlock not pro :wacko: this doesbt even exist in warlock dictionary..... any player who arnt newbie can kite n kill any meele unless he have a fuc**** net....
  10. those bds who says avoid dark circle n wait .... wat if warlock just normal hit u ... u still wait for his stun n get urself killed :lol: and even if warlock miss circle he have splash + fear n u know warlock can walk back too :shok:
  11. i have a question if guild point will be included in daily quest or gp will have its own quest? thank you for your answer in advance ::)
  12. do i have to re download or 3.5.1 would do...
  13. sorry but you are wrong check upon unity sign it says ‘required‘ ...
  14. nice work devs to acquire more money..... hey u know what... i can give u alot of real money but the problem is you have to bring back sms payment in INDIA than i will spam you with real money thanks :lol:
  15. i voted lendariosp high amply n good tactics... @karsa never met him @riggers never met him @jayrox gayrox high amply n have a good tactics n fast @dirtfox one of the most helpful bd or person i have seen..... he came like 5-6 times in first island to help noobs @slay he was pretty good but now dead @galaxy good but slow @darkzain most idiot bd to threaten me to kill my lock.... link his +10 sword to threaten :facepalm: p.s. if zethu was there i would surely vote for him
  16. maybe i wasnt der as his partner :lol:
  17. 80surprise chest 9costume 10x repair scroll 3x set of crystal 2x set of rune rogue outfit etc 10-15quest items... ;D
  18. goodofwars best lock lvl18 :clapping:
  19. ginlaal

    Rap "Battles"

    murder so obssess with me :lol:
  20. ginlaal

    Rap "Battles"

    lol u really hate me ......... n u make me lol..... kids kids.....
  21. i am in too .... btw with whom we doin war
  22. i was using cnta n wen i signal u u signal too so i attk u nearly died but i notice u dint attk than i stop but carinae killed u ;)
  23. i go 101% random n now i have fulll resi :pleasantry:
  24. i was in lag bro we do tomorow wen i dont lag...... i can beat u i guess :[
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