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  1. If it's that easy to get nudes from her i should try to get :blush: O:-)
  2. Both are pretty :give_rose: We should let them in the clan :friends:
  3. Pm me in game I'm #1 Pro Coolcatkid O:-) :blush:
  4. Midgee I've seen you in trade chat :give_rose: If you need help pm 8)
  5. Coolcatkid

    I am fat

    Too good not to share ;D
  6. I actually think rogue is an extremely balanced class maybe even borderline op.
  7. I killed with a pt of 4 paladins and i tanked O:-)
  8. Moofii Laaloo Annihilator and the ♥♥♥♥♥ melzie.
  9. Your eisha's friend and your name was up top :blush:
  10. Im gonna guess dacious bubbagump and afro\ascetics? :dirol:
  11. Dude you just wrecked with your mage :good: Nice
  12. Is that supposed to show that mc is strong? ;D
  13. Devs should add pvprange action figures ::)
  14. Theres a point where your memes are no longer funny... Your memes aren't funny :pardon:
  15. Yup that's me :dirol: I love repping those auto pussy skills. Oh pvprange :blush: :give_rose:
  16. That's right no more Pussy warlock crossing camping. Thank god. :diablo:
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