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  1. Apparantly there is no trapping in pvp :lol: She totally wants the D
  2. One of my finer moments ;D
  3. Exactly haha, just like rogue going invis... I mean i know hes there :facepalm: Hes not gonna go anywhere but he mocks me :'(
  4. If someone is afk use exchange on him or her because chances are they are using laptop and on a different tab. This'll cause the warspear icon to glow and usually they'll come back.
  5. What I said was true. Me no care if you no agree mucho. And how sure are you that Eisha is a girl :bomb: O:-)
  6. ♥♥♥♥ one more thing then.-Eisha comes in -Talks crazy mad shit -Cries to B2K -10 seconds later 5 B2K members join the Convo -Ask why everyone hates her -I think it's funny how whipped Eisha makes everyone around her I actually believe French philosopher Voltaire said that ;D 1st world problems
  7. Pvprange is a wild card :mega_shok: I also heard that keiz was a pornstar ;D I believe I will leave with that ;D
  8. Listen to yo big daddy :bomb:
  9. Words are written down... But you have failed to answer my question.
  10. Yeah and then in ten minutes when she goes crying to ascetics and afro and they come to gangbang on pliskin will you send them the same message :crazy: Highly doubt it.
  11. You pay big money you get big damage :wacko: :crazy: :wacko:
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