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  1. Please call me Albert Einstein Jr. ;D
  2. if you think root is crowd control you don't know what crowd control is
  3. Like I said it was a misclick....
  4. I help when I can even though you can do mc kill quests solo. :friends:
  5. Yes the first one resulted in a lot of mis clicks due to recording lag... My perfect excuse O:-) And even though it was a mis click chains are like the aggro skills on the heavy classes it takes the opponent's auto attack off of the target
  6. Demonstrating pvp with a warlock on a class thats supposed to match up with warlocks. The outcome.... Me losing all 3 :facepalm:
  7. I believe these videos are proof enough ;D
  8. No way mage is pretty much screwed in a fair 1 vs 1as bmyhoe says mages are basically suicide bombers you go in do as much damage as u can then u die except i don't die when i cross
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