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  1. My friend bopp aka zeezer on eu said it was a ghost town there.
  2. Lmao I am too.On a separate note I'd like to be added as an admin or a higher rank and Coolcatkid is level 20
  3. Wow you are just so selfless ::)
  4. A comb over hairstyle would be amazing :blush:
  5. Lvl 5 root lvl 5 heal full arena gear then take out warlocks>healers>rangers>rogues>tanks.
  6. Selling Rudolf Reindeer on US-Sappire Elf\Chosen side Pm- Coolcatkid Pm- Godswraths Pm-Ffokcuf
  7. Um erm eek 1...2...3..4... Oh uh dodge?
  8. Elf almost 80% of the time. Got too many friends on elf side + alot more friendly.
  9. I beat you that one time :blush:
  10. A lvl 10 shaman fighting bds twice his lvl and reviving on spot and potting for 5 minutes. :tease:
  11. Good to see some elves joining forum feels like the ratio of mc to elf on forum is way off balance.
  12. No youll never be able to guess my shaman ;D he is so noob lol. Youd never recognize it.
  13. I come for your screen shots also and of course pliskins memes of op warlock.
  14. Whoever was in charge of making chosen classes and gear should be fired. They did a terrible job in my opinion.
  15. There will never be balance because if devs were to nerf ranged characters enough for them to actually compete with melee characters many players would rage since then they couldn't control or face more than 1 enemy at a time.This is just my opinion.
  16. Just listen to pvprange to be known as a respectable player
  17. Not after blessing nerf I doubt a ranger would win. YOU ARE SO NOOB* weell might as well quit now
  18. Lmao then you havent met a healing class with full resilliance.
  19. Ok so thanks for the compatabillity change on my iphone it works great now. But I want to suggest some things! New Mcoin shop costumes New hair styles Adding a ranger rogue boot that has dodge and hp that isnt cc gear. Hope to see these implemented in the near future.
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