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  1. SIGN should be 100% SUCCES INSURANCE. Current system is FAIL. Pay enormous prices and get no results? Insanity!
  2. Come on devs, show us that you're not that as greedy as we think you are. Current Amplify system is made for very reach people who have alot of spare money to spend. This creates an huge imbalance between "normal" players who don't want spend hundrets of dollars on game and "rich" players who can afford to do this. If you'd change the system a little bit I'm sure even those "poorer" players would buy some coins to amplify their gears (including me). Right now, I'm not buying any coins because I know that the chance of success is too low to waste money on. Last time i bought 20signs trying amplifying my weapon from 4->5 lvl. All of them failed. I wasted ~10$ and seen no results. This pissed me of so I decided not buying coins anymore. So, here comes my suggestion: Amplyfiyng with signs = 100% success rate (let's say at least till lvl 6-7, then the chance is a LITTLE BIT lower) Amplyfing without signs = low succes rate, weapon can be damaged, level can be lowered but weapon CANNOT BE LOST (lets say it costs more gold too) If the system would look like this, I'd obviously buy more coins to amp my gear as I would be sure that there will be an effect and my money won't be "wasted". I'm sure other people would do same if the succes rate was granted. Currently, only rich people pay insane prices to amp their gears till lvl 9,10 but if you changed the system more people would buy them and the imbalance would lower. COME ON DEVS YOU FORGET WE'RE HUMAN BEINGS TOO! NOT ALL OF US OWN THIS:
  3. przecież stara taktyka działa tylko musi się znaleźć kozak shaman który wezmie moba na klatę :)
  4. Our complains are waste of time, Kuzmitch never replies to any. they prefer to stay quiet than confront unsatisfied players and wait for the end of complains. They never listened to us about shop so they won't listen now too. insane prices will be kept as long as there are people who still buy coins so i wouldn't expect any good changes in future.
  5. gay costume. would suit merc well
  6. devs gone insane . this is pathetic how a mobile mmo gone that expensive :bad:
  7. also, it's hard to connect to game. connecting takes ages and "Connection is lost" error happens very often.
  8. oj moons moons rzadko piszesz a do tego taki spam ;D
  9. no worries kervince ur blessing will be balanced too
  10. should have posted in support. long connecting and "Connection with server is lost" are now common
  11. Marcin

    The FoF Clan Book

    i think i need to clarify some things. slay killed me in bg dungeon (does it matter where?) which was surprising as no other guys attacked me (untill i fought back and one of fof helped slay). i wasn't attacking any of old fof members neither before nor after this accident. i may have used a skill on any of u in war but never on purpose. btw. Elfkillerr IS NOT my barb
  12. Marcin

    The FoF Clan Book

    lmao according to your words both clans should stay on their sides and never move to other. if that's what you think then you're playing wrong game :wacko: . we hunt chief because it's easier for us than hunting our 3rd boss, blame devs for that.
  13. simply, if current healing is higher than the second one it should not be replaced
  14. Poland isn't communist country since '89
  15. go to app manager, settings, software instalation - set "all"
  16. not mentioning that safe amplifying is insanely expensive, fail rate is insanely high (20 fails from 5-6 in my case), losing items rate is also insanely high, the whole game is insane yet i'm still playing it :wacko:
  17. [MC]: Salt Hill - Kald 29/01/2012
  18. lol don't listen to this big-mouthy sapphire smartass as long as he doesn't show any proofs he doesn't deserve any attention :wacko:
  19. simply, because you play there and we would not be able to kill you yes, you can, then you'll get banned for cheating like half of your server :lol:
  20. co się stało siwuś :cray:
  21. żaden lag ani hack. znany bug na mapce z tymi mostami (arena). po prostu jak shaman kliknie na cel na początku rozgrywki to potem może bić nawet z drugiego końca mapy (nie wiem czy to działa zawsze)
  22. Marcin

    Leaving the game

    goodbye dante we will miss you :( good luck in your life :drinks:
  23. Marcin

    The FoF Clan Book

    its an old map from version 0.4.4, good memories!
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