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Old vs New ?



So what u would choose, old (sample 0.7 wso) or new (sample 3.2 wso) ?



I love old one, after every update game get even worse.



Old wso was amazing, at start 45 slot bag, skills was amazing, rouge and bd was so amazing at this time, and other chars to :o



Yes, first we had only 2 skills, but game was still amazing, everything was in balance ;) game was amazing 0.7 - 2.0 after that...



Just got worse and after every update even worse ;)



Soz my english sux alot ;)



So what would u like ? :P

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OLD -      :yahoo:  Those were the best days of my life..... :good: 



NEW -        :cray:  The downfall of WARSPEAR has begun    :facepalm:



Agree, i did almost nolife dat game, when it was 0.7 and before.



Now i just log on to see if any my friend online or i just sell my crap equip or stuff, just standing and chatting nothing much



Old is Gold ;D



Yup. :cray:

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I totally agree, at v.0.7 i played WARSPEAR EVERY single DAY no matter how late it was, those were the best days of warspear :yahoo: :yahoo:  Damn i miss that version so much, if admins could grant me a wish id wish for v.0.7..


then v.1 was released, id like to call it "the revenge of the monsters" at v.2 all monsters decided to use steroids and they were super hard to kill alone. well, im not gonna write my warspear biography in here, so to say things short, Old vs new = Old is, and will always be the best version of my life


so i must say... 0.7 were the best days of my "warspear gaming life" :'(

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2.5 rogues with infinite stealth lolo thats was really fun


this  ;D i remember that rogue that kept gouging me inside riff  non stop  :facepalm:

and the time when dull crystal of permeation still sells for 3-8k mcoins and bg sets sells for 20k mcoin  :lol:

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