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  1. Veteran isle is for old time players. if u make it with level limit, that means it is champions isle, not veterans. Getting lvl 20 is way to easy. Veteran Isle requirements must be: "Playing game over 3 - 4 year" well this is called veteran. So i guess i can enter :D
  2. well i hate it when rouge hits 400, twice, then goes to stealth and hits 2000! -.-" Or if im on my druid, they go stealth and ohk killing me, till i ragequit.
  3. i said before "End of March or in April" i think i was wrong and it comes in May now :D
  4. That comes with 2014 Spring or Summer update. Yes 2014 :D next year :bad:
  5. There were topic about same question about year ago. i answared almost same as you do now :D
  6. Average players age is 17-30, so far i havent seen any "Kid" in game. I dont know what you talking about. Im 100% sure that every 3 year old kid knows what does this words mean, and they learn more offencive language at home from their parents, at kindergarden or school. This thing will not change everything sooner or later kids still tell you to "duck off" :facepalm:
  7. freeone sux, u have all commerical logos and stuff covered on your video, nobody will understand, use torrent and download full version of bandicam, cuz free version covers 10% of area that you record :bad:
  8. Same here, i just bought my mcoins day after that -50% end
  9. Yup, lordxx and his friend is biggest loners in game, they never sleep or like that. They always just stand and kill like bots, i wonder if they even go out even once per week :Dand imo they havent hear word "girl" so far in their life. He is ducking pussy btw ^^
  10. i do only map 8, cuz i know this is working. i use map 8 directions on map 7 and 8 both and pass :bad: on others no matter what you use
  11. You can see yourself at right position, but in server directions ur writen into wrong position, its made like this u die 99% in that maps. An buy repair scroll (admin and gamer masters get money) an you have "FUN" :pleasantry: Even if someone says ur maps are right, they arent, cuz 5 player of 10 have died on any map what u can put here. I cant tell no more, cuz i know snorlaxx or kuzmitch will ban me 7th time then.
  12. Map 5 is wrong to. Only 100% working map that i know is NR 8
  13. I dont think this is "Player" i call that kind gamers "Mcoin noobs" :pleasantry:
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