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Hello. I'm a new player in warspear but I've been a fan of mmorpg since I understood people! So I'll leave my suggestion about an improvement in the game, which would bring a new face to both factions and make the game much more attractive in pvp and pvm.

Suggestion 1 Create a new world.

And new 4 classes.

I'll leave here a little bit of history that I thought for this first suggestion.

For many years on a distant island of our well-known Arinar, a fearsome ancestral dragon waged an immeasurable battle against the warriors of that island. The battle did not subside and both sides retreated ... But this dragon from his blood created extremely strong beings who were able to break mountains in half. This battle continues to this day on the island of Kallys ... continue if you wish ... (This island would be for both factions, forcing rivalry and leaving the up more diversified, with no neutral areas except tw entries).

The Tw's would be the same for both.

Suggestion 1.1

A bit of what I think about the 4 new classes (2 for each faction).

Sentinels, chosen and dragons slayers (as we continue the story will understand why the name). Warriors who called themselves dragon hunters, facing the terrible monsters created from the blood of the terrible ancestral dragon. Lancer - Warrior capable of equipping with medium range lance, one - handed swords, axes and shield. Use only light equipment.

Subjugator - Specialized in jewelry making, your weapons are enchanted bracelets, also you can use staff. You can wear light armor. (As you can equip 2 Bracelets, when equipping with the second your damage is decreased by 30%).

--- Passive Increases 5% critical strike chance ---

Clan Hillside, outlaws and Draconians

Draconic Named for the "monsters" created from the blood of the ancestral dragon, they were named for having dragon blood in their veins.

Devourer - Class specialized in hybrid and tank damage, being able to use all weapons except staff. May use light and heavy armor.

Swordsman - Class specialized in the use of two swords. Use only one-handed swords. (I recommend that the weapon's damage from the second hand of this class be reduced by only 25%). You can wear light armor ... -

-- Passive Increases character penetration by 4% --- Continue ... I hope you enjoy

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27 минут назад, Sealynxn сказал:

Continua ... espero que gostem 

Em suma, você está propondo fazer um novo jogo. Eu não acho que isso seja uma boa ideia. Vamos continuar a tocar o que já existe.:smile:

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