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New rules of moderation in section "Suggestions"

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Dear players,

We would like to remember that we have great thread "Community rules" and we would like to add something related to "Suggestions":




Please, look carefully through these rules of communication and possible causes of blocking user's accounts on the Warspear Online game forum.




1. Title of the thread should explain main idea of the suggestion.

It's prohibited to name threads such as: "ADMINS COME HERE"; "My suggestion", "It's unfair plz fix it"

Good titles are: "Movement speed"; "New idea for the daily quests"; "Skill xxx is not working properly".


Threads without proper titles will be deleted/moved to the Tavern and topic starter could receive mute for 1 week.

2. Suggestion should be new and must not duplicate already created threads.

If you have something important to add to already closed topic then just press button "Report to moderator" and post your suggestion there.


For copying threads you could receive mute for 1 week.


3. It is prohibited to create threads that refers to personal issues or troubles.

If you have any account/payment related troubles, then send ticket to the support: http://warspear-online.com/en/support


4. Prohibited to start flame/flood threads (i.e. "if you agree then post +1").

Thread will be deleted and topic starter will receive ban for 2 weeks.


5. Please, post only 1 suggestion per thread and try to explain it in detail.

6. If you have to add something related to class skills then post it in ONLY in class section.


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