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Tactics For "Chosen" Characters


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With My New Characters Im Not Winning As Often As I Used Too.



Guys Plz Share Ur Tactics - Especially For My Pally


As paladin, NEVER use purifying first. First use Justice and then purifying, cuz you get a damage bonus. When system say: 5 sec backs, then use aura, cuz it increase your healing in long time (till cooldown its done). Dont use agro, only noob/new players forget to press at you again. If your partner do more damage than you, i would heal him/her.
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Wat about Fetters Of Justice


I said:


First Justice, then purifying, and target get extra damage. I would wait till both Justice' and puri's colldown was over.

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Ahh. coz im new to ppally forgot about. justice. = fetters of justice



Ty for help wat about othrr chars


About mage, dont ask me.


But about priest, i tried a bit. Put Armistice (Or whats the name) on the strongest enemy (If you fight against a lv6 and a æv4, put it on lv6), then put your shield oon your partner. Of course heal, but that know we. Just keep doing it. Armistice strong enemy, shield partner, heal, attack, armistice strong enemy, shield partner, heal, attack. But maybe there is a more pro priest, who will write here.

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well, for my opinion of Mage;

[/size]1st build

[/size]Fire Ball = 5

[/size]Stone Shatters = 5

[/size]Illusory Chains = 5 (but uselss for range class, coz range classes still can atk you but usefull for melee classes/lab)

other skill will be 1



2nd build

Fireball = 5

Stone Shatter = 5

Illusory Chains = 3

Time Wrap = 3



3rd build

Fireball = 4

Stone Shatter = 4

Illusory Chains = 4

Time wrap = 4




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aww i guess ima go with this mage skills..i already kinda messd up

fireball 5

chain 5

warp 3


:bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad:

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