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Chosen now halted at lvl8 by quest bug


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Chosen are now being stopped short at the quest called "Counterattack". The quest goes fine until the point where it directs u to "melt armour of 4 dead elves" by using an acid that was concocted at the beginning of the quest.


There is one problem.... we dont have that option. The split option does not exist where it should be ( the one where you click on mob and have the two choices of either doing A or B, B being usually being attack ).


We are now stuck at this point and cannot proceed. FIX PLZ .  :sorry:


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They need to fix the game for symbian users now.. With server keeps exiting game


I agree but you will find that these quests bugs are in game and stop players dead in their tracks. Without these fixed theres no point in fixing the Server stability problems  :unknw: .

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Well it thankfully turned out to be marker glitch's. Many thanks to "Flamemage" for finding the real location.




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