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Guide on how to unlock quests in Ayvondil


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First you need to complete all story quests in irselnorth (basically all quests expect bosses, berengar's six shadows used to be needed but not anymore


Then you get quest "Norlant Swamps" from a npc in the last town of irselnorth and when you go to swamps you will have that quest completed


Then you will get quest "echo of centuries"Screenshot_20180717-120533.png

This quest requires you to find Vitold in the big ravva so just keep teleporting and eventually you find him 


Once you find him he and talk to him he will give you "Vitolds pain" questScreenshot_20180717-121004.png

You need to get to Kotaravva in order to complete this quest so just keep teleporting and eventually you get there

(these 2 quests are propably the most tidious ones because they can be completed only on a single island and teleporters are random)Screenshot_20180717-122036.png

Kepala will give you the quest "Ravva's power" in which you just have to find island with a valariya's diadem, it is the same that has hydra summoning stone in itScreenshot_20180717-122045.png


Once you're there just take the stone and return to first town in norlant (the one with respawn statue and talk to the same npc that gave you echo of centuries quest and then return to the npc on irselnorth who gave you norlant swamps quest in the beginningScreenshot_20180717-124205.png

After that you get quest "berengar's tower"Screenshot_20180717-124219.png

This quest requires you to go to dungeon entrance and talk to beremgar's spirit thereScreenshot_20180717-124552.png

After that you will need to kill the gatekeeper in astral labyrinth (it is in the next tile from where you spawn when you enter but there are mobs and gatekeeper that are all minibosses so you need a party, unless you're someone who can solo them but i suggest partying upScreenshot_20180717-124609.png


After that you will have to take the star coffer to npc but when its done you unlock quest for easy difficulty (you need 0 reputation with chainless to emter easy, the i believe its 640 to enter normal and 1760 or 1740 to enter hardScreenshot_20180717-133716.png


When that is completed you get quest for normal difficultyScreenshot_20180717-134539.png


And after normal is hard


After hard is done you will get quest to take quest item to npc in last town and they will tell you to go talk to helmsman in harborScreenshot_20180723-214953.pngScreenshot_20180723-220631.png

After that you have unlocked quest in ayvondil Screenshot_20180723-220716.png


Now you are free to start completing quests in Ayvondil (you need to get 1760 or 1740 reputation in total and complete hard garden quest to unlock tlalocs and get same amount of reputation there to get yellow quests in marakos/garu. Those villages dont have dg quests so after some yellow quests you unlock trolls/fauns and also the best place to get gold/xp/gp in warspear, you need to complete sole yellow quests before you can have dailies in those cities though).


I hope this guide can help someone 


Sidenote: this quest is one of the best yellow quests 




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