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Some suggestions for update 3.0


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It may be too late but here are just a few suggestion

1. Add the clan feature

2. Get rid of amplification let players show their skill a bit not their wallet, enchants should be enough

3. Add a 1 vs 1 arena option

4. Make a cave thats actually meant for pvp

5. Get rid of the time consuming quests and increase plant drop rate, it makes no sense that I have to spend 30 minutes on a quest that has me collecting 12 plants :facepalm:



Feel free to comment guys  :good:

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i like all suggestions but do know devs wont get rid of amp system because ppl already spent a lot of money on this and i dont think they would like to give all the money back to the ppl who bought signs and spheres

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Guild system :'(  That was suggested so many times now and still nothing. But I'm sure it will come in the future. Market came in after we nagged enough  ;D

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