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  1. Oi oi Glori, looking good over there
  2. Well, seems like I'm having some difficulties getting my picture up there. A great start I'd say. xd Is there something wrong with the 'attach file' option? Nevermind, I just forgot to press the submit button thingy. And noticed the picture is turned, hope you guys won't get a headache trying to look at it .
  3. Hey there, here's my entry for the contest. I figured i might want to join in for once since this is a contest that even I can do. I'd say a picture doesn't say that much about a person so here's a small introduction as to who I am, my name's Greg, an in-game rogue(main character), and my main occupation is standing in PvP Cave, talking to people. So you can find me there about 95% of the time. I used to be more active with other stuff but I'm a little outdated now. That's why it's just talking and further enjoying the game for now. Hope you like my picture, i tried to keep it as normal as p
  4. Raziely :give_rose: xDHere's the damage ss Yeah
  5. Hey there,devs. If it's not too much trouble could you guys change my name into 'Smoothly', please? Thanks
  6. I like the idea for the weapon skin but dislike the costume. Why? Well, check the knife,it looks nice. Why i dislike the costume? Wel i might be wrong but that looks kinda like a religious costume and I'm against putting anything from any religion ingame. This could lead to racism towards another and I don't think anyone likes (even more :facepalm: ) racism. Good idea. Just have to find someone who will do it.
  7. Press that Revive button. xd
  8. Op locks. ^^ Playing my druid again,Smoothly has revived. P.S. : nothing personal. xd
  9. The ones who should indeed be in there are Skya,Brox and Siuxx (alt char of a friend of mine but a great Lock,better than the ones that are on the current list) Stonedlock kinda retired,or atleast that's what I've been told. Cazapollos isn't a bad Lock,or well idk, only times I've faced him in arena he was with (a) high amped partner(s) or with another Lock/Shaman sometimes accompanied by a rogue in 3vs3,so those aren't hard wins if you have a team like that,no matter how hard you suck. Back to the point,remove that list and make a new one. xd
  10. Out of context ,mfcker :friends:
  11. Mhmmm,just the 3of us. :give_rose:
  12. Hmm Brox is the only one I can tell for sure. Met him few times with my rogue a long time ago and always got raped xd. Skya and Siuxx are both great players but didn't meet them in arena yet or at least not that I can remember. Assus-> no idea. Tony-> no,just no. Thx :mega_shok:
  13. Who said a team of locks were op? :tease:
  14. It's the truth,i posted it.. :tease:
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