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Skill setup for lvl 6 arena


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hi guys, i just made a ranger awhile ago


now i already hit lvl 4 with skill : PS 2, SS 2, RB 1, EV 1, Trap 1


i do arena 5 times and win it all  :yahoo:


now i planned to hit lvl 6, and i will get 1 more skill poin

but where i put it? any advice??


Thx be4, and sorry for my bad english  :drinks:


PS: tell me if my skill setup wrong


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Put it on PS,SS or RB. Personally i would put it on RB, to get more chance to do Double-hit.

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ik its kinda late to react(since ur probably lvl 6 by now) but i think putting tht skill point to RB isnt a good idea bcuz RB uses a lot of mana and on lvl 6 u dont hve lots of mana so ull run out of mana way to fast in arena so u wont be able to use anymore skills  :nea:

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