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Ideas For Skills 4

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Part 3 down here

all skills are intended as expert skills


Terrain.png Terrain - Active

Build a 1x3 wall made of stone in the direction you are facing, enemy's standing in the wall area when created

well be pushed, damaged and stunned


Skill Development

Level 1 - 300 damage, stun for 1 second, push to a random direction and last 2 seconds

Level 2 - 350 damage, stun for 1.5 second, push to a random direction and last 3 seconds

Level 3 - 400 damage, stun for 2 second, push to a random direction and last 4 seconds

Level 4 - 500 damage, stun for 2.5 second, push to a random direction and last 5 seconds


Extra Information

- the wall will depend on the place you facing, if up or down then its 1 tile tall and 3 wide

if facing right or left then 3 tiles tall and 1 wide

- if players have no other road to go then they will get the circle with x in it meaning its an area the cant go to'

until the wall is over

- wall can't be place next to a crossroad

- however some skills can go threw wall, like mage jump and paladin call



TimePause.png TimePause - Active

Freeze the cooldown of all ability used by the effected character for sometime


Skill Development

Level 1 - Freeze for 1 second, 2 yard cast range

Level 2 - Freeze for 1.5 second, 3 yard cast range

Level 3 - Freeze for 2 second, 4 yard cast range

Level 4 - Freeze for 3 second, 5 yard cast range


GodStrungth.png God Strength - Passive / Active

For every % hp missing the character will get a buff to magical and physical defense

if hp get below 20% skill can't be activated, if activated will place a shield on the character

that absorb some of the incoming damage and reflect some of it to all enemy 1 yard away


Skill Development

Level 1 - PASSIVE : for every 35% hp missing get 5% defense, ACTIVE : absorb 5% of damage, reflect 5%, last 3 seconds in active

Level 2 - PASSIVE : for every 30% hp missing get 10% defense, ACTIVE : absorb 10% of damage, reflect 10%, last 3 seconds in active

Level 3 - PASSIVE : for every 25% hp missing get 15% defense, ACTIVE : absorb 15% of damage, reflect 15%, last 3 seconds in active

Level 4 -PASSIVE : for every 15% hp missing get 20% defense, ACTIVE : absorb 20% of damage, reflect 25%, last 3 seconds in active


Extra Information

- the reflect on this skill is from the absorbed damage, meaning if you get damaged for a total of 2000 damage

then you will reflect 25% of that which is 500 to all enemy's 1 yard away

-  the passive effect and active effect cant be present at the same time

if you activate the skill then the passive effect wont work, and after activating the skill will go on cooldown


TalentSwap.png Talent Mastery - Active

Swap the character physical and magical defense for sometime


Skill Development

Level 1 - last 20 seconds

Level 2 - last 30 seconds

Level 3 - last 40 seconds

Level 4 - last 50 seconds


Thirst.png Thirst - Passive

For every enemy's in area of effect will get extra movement speed and attack speed


Skill Development

Level 1 - Effect from 1 enemy, 3% movement speed and attack speed, 1yard away

Level 2 - Effect from 2 enemy, 4% movement speed and attack speed, 2 yards away

Level 3 - Effect from 3 enemy, 5% movement speed and attack speed, 3 yards away

Level 4 - Effect from 4 enemy, 6% movement speed and attack speed, 4 yards away


Extra Information

- The max Movement and attack speed can be reached if there are 4 enemy's in the area of effect

which is 24% move speed and attack speed



Sprut.png Leech seed - Active

Plant a Leech seed into enemy that grow and slow enemy over time

if 3 Leech seed effect are applied to enemy, then it will explode sending seeds to near by enemy

and effect them too


Skill Development

Level 1 - slow by 15% for 2 seconds, last 10 seconds

Level 2 - slow by 20% for 2.5 seconds, last 10 seconds

Level 3 - slow by 25% for 3 seconds, last 10 seconds

Level 4 - slow by 30% for 3.5 seconds, last 10 seconds


Extra Information

- slow effect will last for sometime while the stack effect will last longer giving the caster sometime to stack the effect

- the explosion will add 1 effect to enemy's

- multi able effect wont slow the enemy more, but will refresh the slow duration


Drain.png statsDrain - Active

take % of the effected character critical hit and cooldown for sometime


Skill Development

Level 1 - drain 3% crit and speed, last 3 seconds

Level 2 - drain 5% crit and speed, last 4 seconds

Level 3 - drain 7% crit and speed, last 5 seconds

Level 4 - drain 9% crit and speed, last 6 seconds


Extra Information

- even if the effected character don't have enough crit or cooldown

caster will get the buff and the effected character will get to a minus number


Hope you like these overpowered skills

i don't really care about balance, as it is a pain:cry2:

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Skill: Bladedancer's wrath


Does % dmg to enemy passing through resilience and defense (fero affects)


1/4 50%

2/4 100%

3/4 150%

4/4 200% 


:haha: dokt even try to take this seriously

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