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Peace / no atack minute


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What about making (short) time when there is peace betwen mc and fb.

During that time you can freely go through enemy part of irselnort without being atacked, but after that time expires you can easily be atacked.

It can be once a day or every 2 hours.

It will be good because then we will have oportunity to do some quests on the other side during that few minutes and after we can have big killing time.

Lol what u think

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Yea new way to AiGrind earn money

Make a new Scroll ~> "Scroll of peace" that lets u be neutral to all factions for 12hours

it should cost 1k Miracle coins and get disabled if u die for a mob



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its a war game, no peace please.

With this peace people coud get deep i enemy land and then will be big war not only near nadir but everywhere in every town and place. It will be more interesting
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