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Elusive threat + armistice


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1. If I cast elusive threat and then armistice, will the elusive threat effect be gone or will the enemy no longer take damages from the elusive threat?

2. how long is armistice duration each level?-

3. If I have lifesteal, will I lifesteal out of the elusive threat damage?

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1 hour ago, Lazylion said:



1.  Elusive will work as usual. Same goes for  armastice.


2.  It lasts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 sec at the 5 different levels.


3. I don`t work on elusive.

Damn, then priest can dish damage without getting touched. Still wonderig if I can lifesteal with this skill tho.


Also how much is the percentage health lost by the enemy each level of elusive threat?

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@fuadya Not sure about the damage percentage of elusive. But if you have it 4/4 and the enemy moves the whole time during that the skill is activated, he will be dead or have less then 1k hp left. Just remember it only works if you get the target to walk while hes affected.


I would recommend this skill maxed in a pvp setup only. Becuse it is useless in pve/hunt/dg.

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Damage caused by elusive is independent to that of the character's magic damage means everyone wud have same burns if they have a same points on that skill. :good:

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