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    dark elephant

    it's hard to do in solo dg, if i don't get the stage I can finish it, but when i get the stage it's just a waste of my equipments durability. took me an hour and it didn't finish so I decided to leave the game. the problem is when it spawned, it stacked with the spawner which making it harder to click as people told me to clear the dark elephant 'fast'
  2. What about event relic, it also replaces if it is the same type? Also is it possible to have the same exact relic but on two different skills? like relic of punishing ability can be used on my lightning bolt and my insect swarm
  3. I currently have Relic of stunning ability on my lightning bolt, now I want to put a small relic of magic poison on it, will the small relic replace the rare one since both of those are offensive type? But both have different effect and different class rarity
  4. Removes the effect, not replacing it
  5. Accident, 2 druids tried to cast to someone who got beaten up by mobs, expecting the newer barrier would replace the older one, but it removes the effect instead
  6. When u cast this skill on someone who already got the healing barrier buff, the skill effect is removed instead of replacing the previous one, pls fix
  7. They added new bird skill for chamer, it heals a nice amount of heal at 4/4, also u can heal ur pt mates without worrying aggro ing mobs since technically the bird heals that person
  8. so nobody got this skill yet?, atleast tell me guys how much health increase at 1/4 based on ur experience
  9. is it useless when a shaman/druid use that minion? because it heals periodically just like druid/shaman healing skill
  10. fuadya


    I have the salutary healing relic and never see it works, and I don't even understand how to make the relic works, it says"heals the same amount of the ally's health". Healed tank so many times with hp around 3k, and I never get 3k heal.
  11. @Akasha You are the best, thank you. edit: too bad, I don't get what I actually asked but I need to know about the basic skills too. and what are these astral moon magic things?, I've seen it somewhere in the forum but never found any in the game
  12. fuadya

    Heal aggro

    probably out of topic, but what the agro skill of other classes do in pvp? (not warden class)
  13. Skill that ignores negative/controlling effects is good on warden, they need one so they don't get kitted easily tho lacking of aoe Warden is meant to be pve class btw
  14. looking forward into this, or perhaps devs gonna look into this and then do all your "work"
  15. Sorry that I forgot the skill's name when I post this. My question is, how much hp does it increase each lvl?, is this skill worth buying?
  16. Damn, then priest can dish damage without getting touched. Still wonderig if I can lifesteal with this skill tho. Also how much is the percentage health lost by the enemy each level of elusive threat?
  17. 1. If I cast elusive threat and then armistice, will the elusive threat effect be gone or will the enemy no longer take damages from the elusive threat? 2. how long is armistice duration each level?- 3. If I have lifesteal, will I lifesteal out of the elusive threat damage?
  18. fuadya

    Paladin Build

    max heal, max aura u can solo orphan lake, as only quester can go there, ofc don't finish the quest first
  19. What about those who already finish shadow bg quest? They redo the quest for the pocket or they got the pocket free already?
  20. fuadya

    Secret link party

    I actually don't have any problem with this skill at all, it's a good skill, but why do devs make the caster and the casted person have to be in party as the skill only needs the hp difference to work? It's kinda pointless and in some certain situation where more than 1 pt needed, u can't use this skill on someone in other pt
  21. wait?, health regen can crit like druid heal?
  22. no , I mean when there are 2 priest and they cast valor aura, so the last casted aura will overcome the effect? same thing to Light protection
  23. kinda sucks. so same thing will happen to Valor Aura and that pala's skill that buff pt def? and how much is the percentage that the light aura increase at lvl 5 btw? just wonderng
  24. how can u think so and can someone confirm this?
  25. take an example: there are 2 paladins in a same pt dg. the first paladin has lvl 1 aura and the second one has lvl 5 aura. if their pt mates are inside of both aura radius, what will happen with this skill?, does this skill stack? or does the effect only come from the highest lvl aura?
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