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Relics and harad's tears


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firstly, i want to ask about relics:

1. if i equip a small relic at first then i equip a great one(same mechanic), will its replaced by a better one or i cant change my old relic ?

2.i cant have two copies of relic in my relic option, can i? Ex: i equipped small relic of energy efficiency for my Holy shield. Therefore i cant equip that one for my Word of Power .Right?

secondly, i want to ask how Harad's tears work with Relics like blood devourer, magic poison,..etc

Suppose im fighting 3 monsters and i cast Harad'tears on 1 of them then the relic of blood devourer works out(harad's tears also falls on the others). Will i steal heal from two or even three of them by the relic?(also ask for other relics)

Anyone has answers for my question. Please comment below.

thanks very much.

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1 uf u want to equip a new relic, the old one of the same type will be removed (lost)


2 u can have as many copies of ur relics as u want. i have penet relic on teleport+stones on my mage.

The only restriciton is 1empowering+1attack OR def max per skill


3)i thought about those OP combos as well. I tried with mass retribution on purifying (bcs it's cheap relic), to see if DoT dmg from fetter of justice applied to mobs hit when relic activated. It does not. so i think ur magic poison, life weakness, etc won't work.

For blood devourer im not sure, since if u put penet u will do same dmg on all mobs hit by tears, perhaps blood devourer relic does quite the same and applies on overall dmg done by the skill.

But for debuff relic im pretty sure the debuff only applies to primary target character if u use it with tears.

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22 hours ago, zjppo07 said:


secondly, i want to ask how Harad's tears work with Relics like blood devourer, magic poison,..etc


 magic poison works normally for all enemies,


for example:

you cast harad and you hit 3 mobs, those 3 mobs have 3 independent chance to be affected,

so it can be1 who affected with poison, could be 2, could be all

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