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Astra Last Boss Farm (MC) Consistant Farm Group's *Continued*


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I'm Looking for 9 more  people (lvl 17+) To commit to  ---- > consistantly



Farm Starts Tomorrow 5/18







First Party:



1. SneakyMe - Lvl 20 Rogue


2. Kajlik          lvl  20 Shaman


3. Chronoz      lvl  20 Barbarian


4. Supersaiya  lvl  20 Shaman


5. Cypreshill    lvl  20 Barbarian



Second Party:                                   


1. Eriii            lvl  20 Shaman   


2. Jhayne      lvl  20 Barbarian


3. Uliti            lvl    20 Shaman


4. Sixshadows      20  Rogue


5. Roula        lvl    20 Shaman







1.Bhiter        lvl    20 Barbarian


2. Mohawks  lvl    20 Barbarian


3.Erika.            lvl    20 Shaman


4.Belmozzz.    lvl    20 Barbarian


5.Cobrax.        lvl      20 barbarian


6.Stupendous          20 Rogue


7.Pimply          lvl    18 Rogue   


8.Pacha.          lvl.    20 Barbarian


9.Kegogi.        lvl.      18 Shaman


10. Dac.          Lvl.    17 Barbarian


11. Coco.        Lvl.    20 Barbarian


9. Zwarrior



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We will start journey to Last boss in exactly 6 hours, and 30 min's, please be online, set your alarm's :D, still need to fill the last slots with 2 more Shaman's and 2 barbs.

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also put bongxbo,marsz,


I get confused sorry. Bongxbo is shaman right? If so what lvl. And marsz you taking you're rogue or Shaman? The name confuse me all the damn time lol.

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2 hours and we starts guys/gales. Still slot open. For barb. Even if you think you wont be able to come. Be online, cause some may still be sleep lol.

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Lets go again in about 4 or less hours guys, I've been studying the Youtube video for the fight. and have some good ideas for a strat for boss fight, seriously.  All I needed was to see/study that video, even though some people bailed on us for boss 3... :facepalm: , a lot died, etc, glade we made it there and killed once, seriously.  We going to farm the hell out of him today, I want one of our people to get sword.  :diablo:





Bring Pots/Dark ress pots (I can give some out if you need, free) and if you have the mc's, save for revive  O:-)





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ok then keep walking and reach boss 3 i have pt stays on boss three we wait their cya ,, i need to get rings first then back in boss one,two,three, to complet armor,gloves,boots hahaha then maybe soon boss 5,6,7,  can do farming if someone invyt me too hahaha goodluck

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thanks to chrismo and kegogi who made strategy and doing good in one eye..


Ya strategy was nice.  Dark barb tanking worked smoothly for us as well, but yeah Kegogi's plan was very nice.

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Their is a little bit problems about party,newbie p.m about the word *bule* that was if not indo dont invyg in party thats the term he said, idk why, bule=not indo or from other country. Hahaha..

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Watch Video of the Russian's killing last boss, yes they have way more people then us but, the strat we going to do is quite clear, start the video at 7:13  Фарм Глаза (это жесть) 11.03.2012

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Today we start guys', lets ALL play it smart when we get there, and farm the hell out of this dude.  Doom Weapon #2 here we come  :diablo:

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